A highlight from Hour 2: Clippers Sail Past Jazz

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Brought to you by chase and here we go with his time to get up with a sensational second round. Three series remain. All of them tied. We've got all last night's action vince. Carter dj ready to roll plus danvers. Biggest on weighs in on the possibility of adding aaron. Is this deal finally on the verge of happening and then carson as seen at all. Now the question is. Can he turn his team into a super bowl contender. We've got all the answers as we get up with you starting right now with gain for oxx six philly up two games to one atlanta four and a half to go in the second six is up by eight and joel and beat feeling bad with the knee but looking good on the floor you see him getting this one to go filling owned the first half up sixty two point. Nine looking to put a stranglehold on this series. But the hawks wouldn't go away. Bogdonovich no john collins. Yes in the lane. Fourteen points twelve rebounds got both of them there and the hawks are closing the gap start at the fourth. Two point game cavern and herder finding the open man bogdonovich. He had twenty two on the nighthawks. Take the lead eighty three eighty two. They could feel it five minutes ago tied at ninety two. Good game trae young. Throw it up. Couldn't cappella throw it down young eighteen assists hawks up to buck and a half to go sixers up by one and be on the low block in the second half he just had no lifted his legs all for twelve in the second. Half for joel embiid ensuing hawks possession. Trae young tractors age of twenty six from the floor on the night but that one goes the twenty five hawks at one point lead. Fourteen seconds left sixers down by one. There's the past and beat in the lane all you know. He dunks that under normal circumstances but the knee is just not right and it's out of bounds. Off and simmons. Doc rivers can't believe last chance sixers four seconds left down by three. Seth curry that close but he can't get it to go. Hawks get the win one. Three one hundred. We are tied at two games. Apiece headed back to philly per game five tomorrow and despite the fitness concerns for embiid the sixers are still the heavy favorites to win the series against atlanta fort. Game five philly a six and a half point favorite again health status of joel. Embiid is such a huge part of this adventure. Carter's been

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