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After dark people are sending us their voice messages there and that's ending up turning the sort of a new version of love line so do be a part of that You can find it. All dr dot com. Today we are dedicating the program to phone calls so let's get to our first caller. Hi who's this. This is scott. What's going on. hey So i just had a question about even d- And it's using back thing which ever used dvd but wait chronic. That thing you herniated disk and you know it's really difficult to treat but she's only thirty and so we've done pretty much everything you can do other than surgery under the other day i heard about. Cbd that bombs which. I thought was kind of funny but kind of interesting. Because i never really heard of anyone talking about a perfect thing but i wanted to see if you had any thoughts on that well. Cd is a mild analgesic. Some people have good results on. People have no resulted. Did you try anything. no. I haven't yet 'cause i just heard about that with my wife being a nurse. You know she. She's into like thirty hard medical stuff. You know what. I mean like i think. Tvd so it's kind of seems like You know something new and strange to her. So i haven't suggested he But i wanted to admit your safe and they would actually do anything. Well i don't expect it. Let's hear more about your background. Did it start most of my wife. And so she was a gymnast Through high school and college and so she is your wife's back your wife's and my wife. Yeah is she on any pain medicine now. Yes he takes gathered ten and Tore lack i think okay We'll good. I mean she's not any opiates which is a good sign and so she has chronic back pain from having been gymnast right. Yeah and because of this. I guess from what i understand. This herniated disk on hurt. It is it's something more complicated herniated disk. Come and go. they don't just give you assistant back pain so there's something else going on. And where is the pain is a her lower back on. I don't know the exact doesn't go down her leg. It doesn't go into robotic it just just in the spine only. Oh no. i'm sorry it does go down her leg. Usually like the outside from her hips down in the. She's physical therapist. She does and has She's gone to chiropractor she's Gun to a back and spine specialists and as a nurse. She liked working in icu. Or your where she standing all day. Pretty much yes. She works in the day hospital. That's not going to be going almost no matter what you do right. Standing just prolonged standing is the worst thing you can do for back pain so that might be the reason. She's having trouble getting over this thing has she had up durrell's yes at three kids them with all. No no no. No epidurals steroids for the pain. I'm sorry She did get a shot once. But i don't know that it was an federal. No that's something to consider. Because those do work i mean they get the you can sort of you have to figure out exactly what the anatomy is. Your and i will tell you that this idea of a bulging disc. That's not the whole story. Unless she actually has a chronic rupture which in which case i mean that's obvious on an mri just having a bulging dish dish adisq. Rather i promise you have that. I know i have that. I have at about four levels. That's part of being an upright human being now. The fact that she was a gymnast sort of opened the door to all kinds of very specific sort of injuries including chronic fracturing of the spine all kinds of stuff and so has she seen real spine specialists. Yes she's she just started to see when now He's not responding beck specialist they did. Mri's and everything and Have been looking at it and the last you know the last thing they've done is just they're basically just trying to treat it right now because with there being younger you know they don't wanna do fusion surgery or or anything like that. Well they don't. That won't work. It won't work. I guarantee you that will send her down a path. You don't do you try not to let just you know. Tell you my rule of thumb. You don't do back back surgery for pain. just don't do it it just it. Just send you down. A path of more surgery has only about a thirty percent. Chance of making the pain. Better i i would say of all the back surgeries. I've sent you know patients for surgery in the last ten years. Zero percent have had persistent brutal in their pain. So i mean that's the way it goes if you go to surgery when there's motor trouble when the nerve is compressed and the compression causes wasting of the muscles and weakness that kind of stuff will then you go then you go but for painter and particularly this kind of pain man. I i don't know but but she's got to go back and back and not to reuse the anatomical term but she has to return to the back specialist repeatedly until this thing is defined. Because all you're saying now it's it's literally the same thing as saying has a rash or she has a fever. I mean she has back pain. So i was that me as a thousand things so it needs her it. That's not a diagnosis. It needs a diagnosis. An absolute is a facade arthropathy. Is this some sort of spineless thesis. Which is probably what it is to be given. That's what happens from From the injuries with with gymnastics and those have a different natural history than a quote ruptured disk. And so this the ruptured. This thing i. I would not be satisfied with that diagnosed. That's not that's the sort of a vague doesn't fit the syndrome with her and then the fact that she's constantly standing. I mean that she may have to take a good look at that because not everyone can stand all the time with their career Just you know because of their disabilities this disability that she's gotten into is her weight. Okay oh yes she's a she's still working out and stuff well not so much right now. We have a one year old but But she's a healthy weight and everything right so she's lifting the child bubba making things worse. And did you have bad pain during the pregnancy.

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