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Devin Booker's got 16 sons are back within five. Clippers have the lead back to Phoenix Suns Arena with Doris Burke. Here's Mark Jones. To underscore Kevin the importance of Marcus more senior 15 points here tonight. He had games of 24 25 points back to back against Utah. But since then it's been seven. Then six, then 78. In the last few games after that, that knee really been problematic. I want to be on what more seniors on tonight because he's looked like his old self forgetting have found a youth in the house coming out of the time out. Phoenix basketball Cameron Pain brings it up court dribble handoff the Booker on the left side of the floor between his legs. Left handed dribble, pulls up from 17 left it on the front rim rebounded by Paul George. George bouncing it in the front court double teams. Jae Crowder, now guarding more senior on the left bloc. That's one of his spots. Turnaround jumper to the baseline hit the side of the backboard. This battery more size and more strength on Marcus makes it a tougher shot. Interesting switch by Monty Williams there Cameron. Pain at the top of the key goes left side. Now they go inside. Eight. Based on jump shot is good. It's been waiting for that Doris have been waiting for it. It was about to get on for taking a turnaround jump shot, but I'll take the bucket. If you're the son 50 to 49 Clippers with the lead three minutes to go in the first half, Reggie Jackson The ball above the three point line over to Paul George, on the near side of the floor inside more senior tough catch gets a baseline, Terence Man he drives to the left handed dribble. Pulls it out into three point territory. Launches hits it off the back rim, DeAndre Ayton all over that possession. Booker goes quickly kicks it back out the pain catching three. Prouder. No good. Bernard kept it alive, And that's going to be an over the back foul against Mikhail Bridges. So just to go back to the last defensive sequence, in one instance, remember the matchup for DeAndre Ayton is Terence Man who has a guard is playing a small ball five for the law. Los Angeles Clippers. Atan had to go out and guarding the perimeter, come back and help at the rim and then go back out and challenge and the seven footer was born and prepared to do all of it. Man comes out for Ty Lue. But tomb comes in Paul George with the basketball tough shot in traffic off glass from the right side from six ft. Out. He continues to attack Devin Booker plays right through and over his chest 54 49 clippers With the lead That's J. Crowder on the right wing. Back out top. Cameron Payne, dribbling between his legs goes to his left a strong hand. Put it on the planet for the lay up, missed the layup, tipped up and goes right to Paul George over to Reggie Jackson Jackson between his legs behind his back A couple of times. They swing it around to the right side to Paul George on the right wing campaign got in the way with his chin as Paul George went up for the shot, and there's going to be a foul against campaign. Campaign had stripped the ball loose. Um, and in gathering it crisp. Uh, Paul George was smart enough and gathering it. He goes right into campaign who was in his space Because the ball is losing. He was pursuing it, and we've got to give Clippers a ton of credit, the guards are cracking back. Khartoum is fighting eight only has three rebounds here and a half Rebounding Jackson with the basketball top of the circle the ball George Ball knocked away by pain. Jackson gets it left wing three on the way a little bit strong and meeting with the board shot clock was down to two. Another defensive sequence for the Sun's. Here's Cameron Pain in the front court behind the screen over the left side bridges back to paint paint on the far side of the floor between his legs crosses over looking inside First Cross court over the head of bridges in a turn it over with 1 22 to go in the half. Five point Clipper lead seventh turnover for the Sons. That's going to get Chris Paul up and off for the final 1 22. They got him his rest Can the Clippers advanced to nine points? They scored off seven turnovers. We'll see here on this possession. Paul George inbounds it to Reggie Jackson 1 20 to go in the first half. Jackson walking it up. Attended dribble. We know the front court with the right Staring down Chris Paul, which left side Morris catching 23 butter. How that happens. I don't know a guy who's been

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