Exploring Sobriety Rooms in Clubhouse - With Justin Lamb

Goodbye to Alcohol


I'm just lamb. I live in michigan in the united states. I am a podcast. Host of the podcast called friend request. And i also play guitar and saying pursued that for a number of years and my day job that i don't really talk about often as Is an asset accounting super boring. I actually don't like talking about it at all. But it pays the bills while i can do all my other hobbies like the podcast and interviews like this and things like that. Oh that's really interesting. So you wanted these creative people that is actually good with numbers as well because normally thought the one on the other you know. I have a weird theory on that. Because i had to take. I'm going to school to become a therapist right now to waited forever. I got three associate's degrees. Well piney way way through community college. Now i'm going to go to an actual university and get a masters in counseling. Because of that. I had to take a math class recently. And i'm thirty eight years old so i was sitting there with a bunch of you know. Eighteen nineteen year olds taking this math class. And during that time i never touched my guitar. my theory is that it was exercising. The one side of my brain so the other side just wasn't really fascinating. Nineteen who was a leonardo davinci was famous for having for doing both of those things. I'll be next. Don't worry about it right there next to just stay. We've stumbled across each other in the recovery space. haven't we so Tokens is trivial. Y'all substance abuse issues and how that happened and how you started using and and when you stopped you know. I didn't touch anything until the end of high school. I wasn't one of those people that started drinking. You know twelve thirteen. Fourteen years old

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