Product Creation and Consumer Expectations With Eternal CEO and Founder Reggie James

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You write a very good blog. Newsletter thing on substance called product lost. You have a a a a start up called eternal that's somewhere in in the ether in the process of You know going through the beta process and getting a lot of feedback. I guess do you have a a launch on the horizon like. When do you think you'll be out in in the public. Yeah i think this is something. I've been meditating on a lot. Like i think product is like a lot of false starts and you go through these cycles and like it took us three or four months to get to like an alpha tickets like another three or four months to get to like a private beta and then another like three months ago like a public beta in there were like. Oh jesus oh jesus and then like we have to pull back a lot and then took us another three or four months until late. You realize like all right. You're trying to just like let's say you get twenty five percent right on like the first thing. Then you're like all right. Let's see we got it to like forty percent right on. The next thing is like oem script so much but then you get fifty percent right and let you're trying to get some at least eighty percent right eighty percent like that's a be it can keep living without having to like get completely torn down so all that to say i refuse to say a day. Because are you a big believer in like first impressions really are super important. Like in life on product goes. Yeah i think. I think my answer is yes you know i think particularly for consumer one thing that really annoys me is when people tweet something like this is what roadblocks looked like at launch. And so don't ever think that your product is too early psych. Okay but that was two thousand six or whatever on like you know shitty web like that is not consumer expectation now like that's not how that works and so i really have a belief in first impressions. I also just have a believe in like building. Something that's beautiful. It's one thing to understand when things are going to be like rough around the edges. But it's another thing to produce something. That simply i don't know i think i looked at a lot of consumer products and i just don't think that they're any good at all and people are like. Oh it's lake. No that's like a psycho principle from the

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