A highlight from #426 Beaten By Hecklers: A Patreon Mailbag Episode With Robert Kelly


And at one point. I looked down and i said hey i said hey. Shut the fuck up and she went. You shut the fuck up. And i went just went i went i. I don't know what the data had those the last thing i was gonna say. Fuck you. you're an asshole and nobody came to my help share. We do john welcome to ours. Shippers kept attack on today's episode. Do a little run here with all my f- guests in a second but so on patriots on this is what i do. Is we go to patriots dot com slash fear we end up going to Mailbag type questions Either male general mailbag arrest stories or or What was the last one sex relationship advice. So i figure. Let's do a free patriotic for everybody. And i'm here doing it. Today is what. I do. Sometimes on page to bobby kelly. Everybody what's up everybody. How you doing. What's going on. You know. Robert kelly from the you know what dude podcast. And the correct affectionately known online as y que. Wd yes it's a lot longer to say why wd then you know what dude well you know what to flows better. Yeah yeah online though. When you're seeing it why kwh faster. Why can it be as fast. I feel like. I'm the first one to do the acronym to maybe you are. Yes and then. People started to a s. Never really caught on. Didn't seem right or she was like saw later and i was like Asked doesn't why key. Wd flows yeah. Yeah really even even orally to. I yes i love orally. How great is this though. I mean outside your backyard backyard. Doodles funny chris. Dog knocked over my. I swear to god knocks over my toffee. My dog you remember me. I mean literally. You can really look at national wants them. But but doodles she's dominating seriously just licked your dogs asshole and balls doodles. I mean just say no. It's a bit much. Say no no say no good down. Don't get shut down today. could she's a girl she could still suffer from it. so So usually i do these on on On page on audio. And i've just got a new record so i can do like with comedians with communities to but this'll be free but you also have a patriot on yourself. Rob kelley dot com or dot com slash. robert kelly. Sorry that's my website. I'm old school. Website patriot dot com. Says robert kelly. And yes i have a bunch of shit up there as well and we're supposed to be doing. I live from the shed. We'll do rely. I another time. That's why i'm glad we didn't do it in the shed because let's separated the backyard doodles no give signals but really i. Don't we my neighbors. Can you please not do okay doodles. The dow hound dog line all the time. It's going to go up. Go down go go go lie down okay so i figured we would smoke cigars girl. Who's your girl. yeah and helps down. I meant that way and before we do. So i brought some cigars back for. You can have your choice. What's it gonna smoke cigars back to you from ecuador. is this recording. It is I've never heard of ecuador. ecuador ecuador's haven't heard of this car industry. I've heard of the cigar industry. Of course have. I haven't read it really the ecuadorian cigar industry. Yeah i've never heard of that. I've heard of an acronym for the cuban. Yeah all kinds of other others but never ecuadorian. Cigars somehow replaced Nicaraguan with with a g of the c is sound way. More racist way you said. Nick era kuun said nicaraguan. No threat sounded like first of all. I cut cut all that out i stanford nicaraguan. Oh mike i do rod.

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