Do You Reconnect With Old Friends When Stressed?


So today katina. You've got an article for us. And i'm very curious to hear a little teeny bit about it. Yes so my article. Today is about remote work mostly about working from home And also some about job insecurity so what happened during covid. But i think it's broadly applicable to some of what many of us experience in a regular basis and it's about the impact of activating what they're calling dormant ties which are basically people that you haven't talked to in long time but you reach out to to sort of reignite a friendship. Ooh that's actually a very relevant topic. I think for me right now because it's been about almost i think it's just three months now that i've started this job which is bonkers i. I can't believe that. So ed so i've feel like there was a moment last week where i was like. Oh my gosh. i haven't talked to some of my friends from that job in a while. And so i just like randomly ping them so anyways that just feels aligned to what i'm doing now. Yeah yeah totally it is. I thought a really cool topic because a lot of people are prone to kindle these dormant ties across the board. I was thinking about it that there were several people during the pandemic. I hadn't talked to in a long time that i talked to more During that period of time than i had previously. And why is that the case so i also thought it was really interesting and i'm excited to tell you more about when you might be likely to kindle those dormant ties faina. Well i'm very curious. And i'm sure it will be super relevant to both of our experiences.

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