Thomas Markle Suggests Oprah Is ‘Playing’ Meghan and Harry in Latest Interview


Let's let's cleanse our palate with a little bit of meghan markle's dad. Tmz reports at thomas markle says he and prince charles have one thing in common. They both been ghosted by. Meghan harry and He's not a fan of oprah and he kinda like kinda calls harry a cock in his own way. Here's a clip from his recent sixty minutes australia interview. I think oprah. Winfrey is playing harry and meghan to go. She's using them to build her network and build. A new show. Needs all the help. i think she's taking advantage of very weakened man and getting him to say things that you just shouldn't be saying on television. So you think are saying i guess the frailties of harry and meghan it and decided to cash in on that i think so. Now she'll she'll disagree of course and she might even assuming i don't care but the bottom line is it seems to me. She's working harry. Is there really bad green green. Maybe with australia sixty minutes australia. Max padded we have harry with with the oprah that old clip calling. Everyone a racist. Remember what he worked to halloween that year. Oh what s uniform. I'm glad that everyone's done something. So this is from Heyman oprah couple of weeks ago apple. tv show together. The feeling of being trapped within the family is. There was no option to leave eventually. When i made that decision for my family i restored. You can't do this as well. How 'bout is after. Get until i am able to do this. She was going to end their life. Should have to get to that.

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