Playing Hands Against the Fish

Daily Poker Tips


So if you sit down at any table let me ask you a question real quick. Who is the most likely person that you're going to earn chips from. Yeah the weakest one at the table right. Oftentimes the fish the to the overly loose passive limpkey calling station kind of players that just cannot fold pre flop nor post flop even if their life depended on it right. They got third pair. It's a tournament. Twenty big blinds. You bet flop turn and river. They're just going to call you all the way because hey you could have east king and my pocket pair of aids are going to win here right. Those are the kinds of players that you are targeting. But here's the thing. Do you truly target them. Do you live for playing hands against the fish. I know for the longest time For the longest time. I did not do that. So here's what i want you to do. The next time you sit down at a table live or online if it's online play just one table at least for the first thirty minutes right. Now look around the table and figure out what types of players you're up against. Hopefully you've got to three or even more fish at your table and fisher. Just the weak ones. Like i said that you target for value. Maybe it's easy to get them to fold. But basically you know how to play and exploit these players very well because maybe they're not thinking maybe they only care about their cards and the board right so your goal is to first step one. Find the fish at the table and write down their names. You know bob seven to three susan. Eight nine maybe. Those are the two fish zabel. Your goal is to play in that thirty minutes of that one table or your entire session. However you want. Your goal is to play as many times against those fish as possible. And when i say play as many times against them basic i mean get to the flop against the fish. Because that's where you're exploiting is gonna come from. That's where you're going to be able to get them to fold their hands sometime. Post flop right or get the most value out of them when you hit a strong hand so write down. All the players names a piece of paper every time you see the flop remember. Your goal is to get into. Play hands. Against bob and susan right. Well every time you play against a hand a hand against bob put a tick mark next to his name. Susan put a tick mark tick mark next to her name. By the end of your session your goal is to have more tick marks against those two players than all of the other ones combined. Now you might be saying sky. There's a problem here. I can't control what hands. I'm dell or whom i opponents are going to be an absolutely. You're right about that but if you have the goal of targeting these fish you're gonna open raise with any playable hand when they are in the blinds with the goal of everybody folding. You get them heads up against you when they come in for the raise if they have a week wide range. You're going to be three betting them with the hope of everyone else folding and you get that fish heads up to yourself when they limp into the pot you get your opportunity now to make it big five. Six seven big blinds. I so raise. Hopefully everyone else folds. And then bob or susan. The fish plays a hand against you. The goal is to target these fish. Whatever hands at uc whatever players you see against. Maybe you end up seeing seven against these two players but fifteen against everyone else. Well that's just the way the cards played. Maybe the eggs. They exited the handy. You've got dealt a ton of aces. Kings queens ace king. And so you were just playing your normal game right and you try to target them. But maybe didn't have many opportunities. But i guarantee if you play this kind of session often you are gonna find that. You're targeting your fish targeting choices are going to win out and you will begin playing more hands against the fish than you do against the other players and that just helps you out. It's going to help your win rate. It's going to help your enjoyment when you're constantly playing against the fish. You know that your skills outstrip. There's and in the end or in the long run. I should say their money will eventually make it to your

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