A highlight from #431 Edibles: This Is How Those Stories Start with Mike Cannon and Brendan Sagalow


So she was like take half of it. If it doesn't hit you in about forty five minutes take the other half was like okay. This is before you have dosages. And so i waited forty five minutes and it hadn't kicked in yet so i told matt were there. We're ready to start to drive home at some point. We're just partying at the comedy store and it was like. Hey i'm going to take the other half. He goes sure okay. But you know this is how those stories start and ten minutes later. It kicked in and i was like they got it how to was your narrator. Yeah that's great. Thought it might not be a good did that guy even exist real just kicking up again. Welcome to always appears gets attain. Podcast money is ours. Your fair Driving into manhattan new york you know in two thousand six about two thousand five two thousand six. The very first deadly marijuana edible was working its way around los angeles. Who's the banana bread. The banana bread was killing people. And when i said killing people killing people but it was killing people I remember taking some to six flags me eric. Abrams stickler a bunch of other people. We h eat. Half an emmy was that he was gonna fuck in three quarters with of banana of bread and a half slice of that berry. You who bury you completely unregulated delicious banana bread two. who berry. i remember throwing up. After one of the rides at six flags everybody got so fucking ripped. They couldn't even have a good time except sick. Laura belief i think ryan stickler was like. I didn't get high at all. it's nuts. I gave a piece of that banana bread. I mean like. I mean the size of like maybe a half dollar. I know two half dollars right now because they use it all the time in ecuador maybe the size of a half dollar to a girl she wanted to get high and i was like sure. Then we're gonna fuck. I was a plant. Let's get high off edible and then fuck. She had really done edibles before and when she was throwing up in my toilet i remember thinking. How can i solve this sex. How can i get to the point. Where she's oh deed. She's overdosed on marijuana. Edibles how can i still fuck. I remember going like it's alright. Like holding her hair back from the bathroom. And you think you think you're okay But edibles mandate came a long way yet ends. Dolores are these fucking fine cookies and pretzels. Ben and ben peanuts. He even popcorn. Remember dom bears had his problem once. Read a little bit of pop popcorn little bit then. Got high standard story. Forgot what the fuck was doing. Got the munchies eight. The rest of the popcorn fell asleep. Woke up in a panic attack. Why do i feel this way. So we checked himself into the hospital doctor and all these tests on him. I think we talked about this on a podcast longtime ago me and don. The road rage episode. We're all these tests on them and Dr came back and said mister barris Do you smoke weed to smoke pot. And he was like yeah. Why because i think you've taken some pot because ash. I'm here -membered guys. Today's episode is all about marijuana edibles. It's all about the fucking thing they've come so far. Me my cannon brennan sokolow we all sit down a couch and we talk about the fuck in the edibles. I'm driving into manhattan. So you'll excuse me if i'm a little bit distracted but I'm going to the bridge. So i might die the head on collision. I've always really wanted to die to head on collision dwight when cops pull people over. What are they. Just sit there behind you for like ten minutes. It's so fresh. Scare your fucking car and come. Give me the goddamn ticket the longer you wait the more. I'm going to speed on the rest of the trip. That's the that's the deal dude. The longer you wait back there the more. I have to make up for the time. I've missed should turn on these fucking overhead lights. Maybe won't do it Did he just sit back there. Making a nervous me to run for it. Is that what you're looking for me to fuck and run for it. 'cause all run for it. I won't run for it anyway. We talked about weed. And i've had a long history of marijuana edibles i had I remember We used to take the pot breath strips. Those the big things ralphie wants ralphie may gave me three hundred fifty bucks. I think the proper restaurants were twenty five twenty bucks twenty bucks a pack. A two and half abreast ship was the right amount half abreast. I did it is not happening. Storytelling show storyteller story story story about this Half abreast was right about one time so we took him to the ufc last year six hours. Unless you're six full hours you knew when you were high you mean enjoy. We'd always go to me. It opened up for rogan. We go to these. Ufc's sees and then We take trips. We took some sort edible. One time i must have told this story before With alex jones doctrine alex jones's looked at as a fun guy. I don't know what went wrong. I don't even think he changed. The world did but Joey gave them a cookie homemade style cookie and he goes here. Alex take this. We're sit the wu and alex jones goes What's in it and joey goes. Eat the fucking cookie.

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