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Inc which does business as mcdonald automotive group now. There are some interesting similarities here when it comes to the respective dealerships bat stories because like erlich motors the mcdonald dealerships performed in the nineteen forties by the grandfather of the company's current president. Michael mcdonald the family originally operated in new mexico and moved their operations to the denver area back in nineteen sixty four Prior to the purchase the company owned volvo mazda volkswagen hyundai genesis and ati ati dealerships. Excuse me excuse me. Mostly in the littleton area. It opened a boutique. Pollstar electric car store in cherry creek. Just this month. Pollstar is volvo's entry in to that Electric vehicle market now. Erlich said mcdonald represented a good fit with the erlich culture back to the similarities. There good family. He said that has a lot of similar values. As i do. I believe but he continued. They have a fourth generation coming into the business and none of my kids were interested. They still have the future generation. Coming in. And i didn't now erlichs automotive history. In greeley in the greeley area dates back to nineteen forty six This is when ruben swede. Erlich founded swedes repair shop and lasalle that eventually evolved into a chain of dealerships was sweet son scott's of his sons scott and stand taking over the family business in the early nineteen eighties now. Erlich said he's completed a buy sell agreements over the years selling some dealerships and acquiring others but early is also well known in greeley and northern colorado for his philanthropic endeavors including founding. The college promise scholarship program. He said i think it was sort of the fabric of the community in greeley and especially some of the people that i was around. It was the right thing to do. Said scott erlich. I think it's good to give back scott. Erlich received northern colorado business reports bravo entrepreneur award in two thousand two. He was named a weld county distinguished citizen by the boy scouts of america. Long peak council longs peak council in twenty thirteen and he was inducted into the colorado automotive hall of fame in twenty fifteen this among a multitude of other honors. He said the sale of the two dealerships to mcdonald's does not mean he's retirement asking the question scott. Erlich did what is retirement. I'm not sure where everything is going to take me. I'm fifty nine years old. He said i. I don't know how much. I don't think. I want to take on as much risk as i've taken in the past but i do know that i'll probably continue to want to exploit the right opportunities. But erlich said that's probably not likely to include another purchase. He did take the time in this piece of by And asmundsson in biz. West via the greeley tribune scott early did take the time to express his appreciation and his gratitude to erlichs customers and employees over the years. Saying i feel so blessed to have been in northern colorado and i truly think all of our customers and all of our employees tough. He said him no longer going to be part of the greeley or northern colorado market. And it's been a great great place to be. And i'm just thankful for everybody. I've been able to work with over the years this as this. Mcdonald's toyota littleton. Based automotive dealership has acquired two dealerships from greeley based erlich motors and scott. Like we appreciate all that you have done for so long for the community. Seven fourteen

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