A highlight from The second kind of impossible: Part 1 a maverick mind


This is an abc podcast. In kurt vonnegut sr classic satirical sci-fi novel cat's cradle an atomic physicist has created this we'd new form of matter and he's accidentally formed horrible doomsday device. E calls the substance ice nine. And if ever this is nine makes contact with water of any kind including the say a piece of gets in the ocean or lakes and streams and immediately transforms it to this frozen form of ice. That's not usable. I would do the same to the water in our bodies. And that's just what it does in being phrase. The world's water is suddenly frozen solid by us nine within seconds when a thirteen year old american kid polston hundred that book. He was enthralled by this cautionary tale about the responsibilities of scientists for their inventions. That something else captivated him to really got me. Also thinking about this idea that sorta stuck with me over many years decades literally. That may be. There really are forms of matter that we didn't know about that. We thought were impossible and yet might be extremely important. Might even be ubiquitous in the universe now poll could never of knowing that this curiosity he's seines would spark a lifetime of adventures. Right is bill stock. Eight your heart out because this story will take you from the outer reaches of the cosmos. Not just any old meteorite. A special class of meteorites that would have formed near the very beginning of the solar system to the wilds of far eastern russia be country famous kamtchatka bears which are ferocious fares are at the level. Risley's bears the pieces ferocious and inside the nucleus ephemera of the world's first atomic bomb tests in new mexico. To the same time there was a weapon of destruction. He was also a weapon of creation equation of something that

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