Secretary Of State Antony Blinken, House Foreign Affairs Committee And Corey discussed on WEZS Programming


Corey was plausible and deserved more study hours before that report, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, spoke at the lab leak theory. I think no one has yet found conclusive, dis positive evidence, which is why President ordered the intelligence community to do an intensive whole of government 90 Day review to see if we can finally come to a determination of what happened where it happened. Why it happened. The secretary declined to say what steps the administration might take against China. The latest numbers suggest the country may fall short of president To have at least one shot and 60 million to be fully vaccinated against the virus by the fourth of July. But as of Monday, only close to 64% of adults have received at least one shot of the vaccine that's just shy of the pace needed to meet the goal. Foxes Kevin Corke, the Justice Department says they have one up to the ransomware hackers that crippled the colonial pipeline, the Department of Justice has found. And recaptured the majority of the ransom Colonial paid to the dark side network in the wake of last month's RANSOMWARE attack. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco says it shows why companies hit with America is listening to Fox News. Jason in the house that Jason Chaffetz podcast. There is always someone doing something stupid somewhere dive deeper than

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