A highlight from 3 Doors Down Perform Their Biggest Hits In Our Studio! + Has Lunchbox Made Any Acting Progress? + Bobbys Mailbag: Engagement Ring Tips!


Studio that chris lane over at the house. And he's up in my bobby cast today. Do you know chris lane. Yes you know from what. I know him from Well events we've done. I feel like oh. Yeah yes i do. I know his human yes. He proposed to his wife saying the singing. The song you really don't don't know you don't know one more not okay. So i mean what's your name. What's your day. what's your i don't know about you. Can you name another one. that's about it. I think painkiller something. So he goes. I got you'll fix. And then he has the song that he wrote for lauren. His wife called big big plans. Big came over to the house. He was good enough to get drafted playing baseball. He played at charlotte which is crazy like a good school and he had torn acl multiple times his twin brother who thought he was gonna get drafted help. He didn't get drafted. It was weird the whole situation but his brother plays drums forum now and they're twins same. Yeah but i was talking to him. He's he opened up for. Garth brooks once garth These big shows and an artist out and ask them about that asked him. Hey what was the like opening for garth. He said i heard your card guy. Give me your best trig. And and i thought to myself. I don't know who you heard that from. But i'm not a car guy. I don't know how to do anything he was like. We'll get it because i am. He pulled out decade cards. And did this car trick that. I feel like i've seen people do before. But he was really good at and When he left the room i was just you know smiling ear to ear thinking. This was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. Garth brooks comes in it as a cartridge before show wait. What cartwright guy. He said he walked back in that room and he looked in there was a table when he walked into his dressing room. And garth put a bunch of merch from garth and signed all of it and then he came in. It was like a so. Your card guys. Like god does your car. And then he talked about how keith urban on his biggest influences and he met him at a radio wants and this. Is chris telling keith. They've made eye contact and then came over. I made i contact right. When i i got i just. I think i'd just put out fix. And he's across the room we make contact and he walked out of his way to walk over there. And say hello to me and i was incredibly nervous and i'm telling him the store i'm like man. You're my hero. Like you know your biggest inspiration all this kind of stuff and he gave me a hug and he was like buddy patty on the back. He's like you need to get out more. You guys check it out great. We did about our. it's chris lane. He talks about all kinds of stuff. He's about to have babies his wife lauren. I didn't know she won the bachelor and so he actually met her like four years earlier. They took a picture together and it was her. And her fiance been and higgins. Yeah him and he talks about how they got together crazy story. Good guy you guys. Check out the bobby cash wants. The show is over today. Don't download it now. Heck it's not even downloadable. This show is over. That's a lie. Yeah check it out. Everybody's having a good friday appreciate you hanging out with us. It is mike d wedding weekend so at this point tomorrow. We're going to be waking up. It's still not at mike's wedding but it'll be happening tomorrow night hours right. Let's open the mail bag. A mail data. They right Bobby bonds. I've been with my boyfriend for three years now. Marriage has been talked about but neither one of us are in a hurry. My question i need advice on is when how do i tell him what kind of ring i want of wanted a particular cut diamond. That is not the most common emerald cut not jim since i was just a young girl and then he gives me. It'd be amazing because it's come from him. But since i have an idea of what i want should i tell them to help them out. I also can't guarantee there won't be a small tinge of disappointment. If it's not that style. What should i do. And how should i go about it. Without making him feel rushed or pressured. The show is great. i listen to the podcast everyday. Thank you signed c. c. Go a few experts here on this. I just went through this myself as well. Maybe i'll let you go first on this one. How would you tell him without telling him. Okay so i don't know if you have a sister or best friend or someone that he also knows that can kind of have this conversation for you and if he's even thinking about it hopefully he's reaching out to those people anyways to see if they know anything but make sure that they know. Make sure all your people know what you want. Because somehow it's gonna come up when he's ready to that point or make sure that they let him know especially if this is something you've wanted since you were a kid in an emerald cut is very unique and specific might not even be on his radar. Maybe i was not going to go to anybody real bef- i mean i wasn't. You weren't no in it. 'cause i thought i wanted to be a total surprise okay. So that's why. I wasn't going to go to anyone. We sheep. you have to organically bring up rings without it being about proposals. For example you find an instagram. Or someone got propo- engaged in you're just looking at it or a show or something and you're like all that's released we don't kind of the much and then you look at it. Go does not for me here. The kind of see. If i i want an emerald goes to the best looking ones you gotta start planting those seeds to not pressure him to do it but also make sure he knows it because someone wants to fully surprised. They don't trust that your sister your in you know your your cousin. Jimmy isn't gonna like you got it. I would say plant the seeds that way because everybody's always getting married in propose to on shows or instagram. It'd be like could you see. Sean does ring. I don't show on this ring. Oh it was a gym cut makes me want to vomit. I'm more i like. Emerald cuts like for me. I've always dreamed of having an emerald. That i would say that's how you would do it raimondo. Any advice you just got the whole thing yet definitely going together. Why is it all a big surprise because you may want it to be a surprise These girls now there's very specific and very particular about the ring they want. Don't even guess or leave it to a sister brother. Aunt mother just go in with a moses. It's actually a day event. That's pretty fun. And there's really no pressure i would have hated going in and not being able to surprise her. I of hated it. Lobbying i'd i went in but then i did it like seven months later. I probably surprised her. You just along was coming and at seven points. Seven months later as she was here at you. If you date for a couple months. I would hope. She's starting to think about ring. Everybody knows in a way of months. I mean date for a couple of months. If you're serious about each other. I would hope that's the next big thing that you guys are thinking about. Nobody should be totally surprised. Oh my gosh. I cannot believe you did this. And it's been three years. No i still would want a surprise. Or i surprised kaelin like crazy. She had no idea the best part about it. She was in shock. If i find out later she knew too But i would say just are planning it planting it unless you don't want it to be surprised and you'd be like hey whenever ready. I'm ready to go to the store with start saying it like saying but i think the surprise is the way to all right. We feel good about that. Everybody feel like we gave her options. But my my options. Probably the best course all right close to mailbag. We've got your team. Only

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