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Area, which is I got one and they didn't but yeah, various distros are working on porting everything to to their dismay. So risk five is it's a different CPU architecture. It's you can't take the arm build of Adventure and run it on this. You have to do a complete, billed for both wrists, so it's not for risk for risk five, right? Yeah. It's it's as different as armies from x86 riskiest for Mom. It just looks similar cuz it's like a, it's a board game like a Rosewood Pine. He's got the 40 pin head of the Raspberry Pi has has compatibility from Hardware point of view to some degree or familiarity. Not necessarily compatibility. It's got ethernet. Couple of USB port, four years, in fact, HDMI. It's powered off a USB C charger, which I think it came, I think it gave me the cable, it didn't come with a charger but that's okay. Cuz I got plenty of life. It's got eight gig of RAM on. This particular board is pretty production board, it's an audio interface Wi-Fi. Bluetooth not everything works yet. And some things are a little bit up and down because wage So people have had the boards for like, two weeks. So yeah, it's it's early days but it's super fascinating. So this sounds like a real sort of community outreach Endeavor to actually sort of Leverage, the power of community to sort of, do the hardware bring up on this device. Yeah, they've got a beagle of got a slack, a community. And they've also got wage, of course. And on discourse, it's super active. Every time I go there, there's new threads and there's conversation going on. A very friendly conversation and there's Drew from the beginning of organization is you know, corralling people and making sure we're not, you know, overlapping and you know not doing things as per month. Payments of the of the project really I wouldn't have a porting some of the applications that I've made a snap. So I wanted to make them available as risk five years Unfortunately, there's some blockers in the way and I have to wait for some of the ability people to do their stuff. So I'm going to look at some other things in the meantime at the moment. I'm just really playing with it fascinating. I suppose it's worth pointing out of the oven to have been bringing up risk five in the archive, for a couple of years now and I well last I heard it was mostly there. Maybe Ellen knows more. Yeah, it is, but it's very much like, you know, bringing up a new arm board. Most of the packages are built for the architecture, but there's Harbor enablement to do to. You know, make sure you get something aught serial interface, and make sure you can talk to the HDMI port and all that kind of stuff. And there's there's new Hardware in this thing. So, you know, it's there's a, there's a bit of enablement to do that, but looks like the Border in the right half of lots of different people and me. Brilliant

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