Olivia Rodrigos Sour Breakthrough



Who is not functioning or is that just the heat emanating from the discourse around the olympia rodrigo album. It is tough to know. I had mentioned on the facebook group. That i wasn't sure if i was gonna come in for a second. Olivia cast twenty twenty one. But you know what the demand is there. The urges there the intrigue is there and the discourse has arrived. Here we are sour is out. We are back lindsay sold. Ads is here lindsey. Hello lindsey reviewed sour for npr. First time on podcast. Olivia horn is here. Hello olivia welcome. Hey thank you. Olivia reviewed the album for pitchfork. We have a lot of takes a lot of inspired takes between mine and lindsay's and olivia's so we are going to. We're gonna get active on this week's episode going deep on the ark of olivia rodrigo. We opened up with deja-vu which is a later. Alavi rodriguez angle after of course driver's license. Which are sure everyone has committed to memory and tattooed on their arm by now lindsay. Let's start with you. Can you talk to me before we even get to sour. Can you talk to me a little bit about the ark of the single rollout the singles roll out. I should say 'cause i feel veers. There's a narrative within that micro arc that says atone before you even get to. The album agree. So you. I think that first of all is interesting about the olivia. Argus is this. Is all pretty much happening this year. In the calendar year of twenty twenty one driver's license comes out at believe january and just conquers the world and everyone's soul and is just one of i think the biggest like out of nowhere sort of breakout hits other not necessarily out of nowhere. We'll get to the hat but really like has this hold on the culture even cross generational which i think is kind of interesting element there at aachen stay. Takes off on tiktok in just becomes like mass. Cultural phenomenon is number one for weeks on the billboard chart and you know like that type of breakthrough has the danger of one hit wonder written all over

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