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It sucks. It really does suck moving. House is no good. And i it's been done and here i am back in the market. Soon be so a very good poll yesterday. Jeez louise a very very strong move in the market and bitcoin really leading the way that now. If you'll privy to reading jobs just like i am and you'll say non point seven six percent up yesterday closing at thirty nine thousand and thirty three. What's interesting here as well as just tapped up today into a daily option. Now it's motor strong uptrend by any stretch of the imagination. The rod is just not but technically speaking it has actually put itself into an option and by that we are happy. Full that we are happy. I mean and how it looking a lot stronger now. Monthly candle on. Bitcoin looks delightful. It's still going. We're only halfway through the month yet. It's bullish right. Mary zion. So i'm hoping we continue in hospice there on that day with that high allow love to see bitcoin. Push up three forty thousand antenna a second day of buying activity. Tv religious solidify that strength in the mock and hopefully bring female participants in to help us to continue to move higher. Who knows raised us. That still run. We had over good six to eight month period. Now as i speak. Make a bitcoin. Dan point three percent. Thirty eight thousand nine hundred and twelve the high today just shy forty thousand nine thousand eight hundred forty eight dollars on the job nas looking job that wanna save fully throw wasi further upside to get closer to be back to get the trends back into readies open up at dole. I get stuck into our try to on another level in was up yesterday as well. The trend is still not a strong as well. Bitcoin looks at the moment was thought point. Seven percent currently daf set on the diet. Twenty four hundred ninety six dollars. Nobody said they really other than the fact that we do. Have that daily having a good move yesterday. The monthly also as dan site fires. Bitcoin is up way down. Seven point nine percent on the theory of taking knock after reaching all time highs. What forty four hundred dollars or thereabouts. Shy that no trading opportunities for made mud on a theory way mislabeled and get some follow-through exile to get up through the high of eighty three cents to get up trend in motion yesterday. Closed up. six percent was lovely to say. But it's got a little work to be doing across most of these markets too by the way just a heads up four hours trend's on now off surface looking at those lower timeframes. You go you made as you. Four hour now trending so you do have permission to go down a look at those things that even that sort of thing saves opportunities of bath. I nothing much on x now down point five percent at ninety seven cents bitcoin cash yesterday as well spot point seventy percent of needs to break above the high of six hundred forty dollars off force have a daily uptrend. Nine four isn't an uptrend and its up point one of the percent right now. Six hundred and fourteen dollars. Fifty doll had a crocodile. Also six point three percent four hour in an up trend that trend be off. We need to get about twenty four sixty three cents. Nothing for me to try to down point. I father present. Twenty-one dole's i seven like one time now another one he when we go to collect pushing to an night diet going to get about one hundred and seventy four sixty seven the law coins being daily uptrend before our is currently in an uptrend standpoint. I fall rot now. One sixty nine minutes thirty seven cents spawn ads Was obviously six point. Five three percents go to get above. Three hundred seventy dole's thirty five for the trend on the dialing to be motion again. Just want to see more fully through mole by timothy strengths full. The trend is three sixty three thirty seven point seven percent cotton. It had two days in a row yesterday. Being five point three three seven day before up three percent and it's sitting right now though fifty four down point eight of a percent but a guy want to say that buying continue link at a good diet seven point six three per cent stillman daily. Downtrends notice nauseous. The other moves out there. The forty hour is an uptrend. Its up point three percent rotten out twenty three dollars. Thirty nine cents is still lumens volume while this is still on a daily damn trend but Yesterday at tubes sent sitting thirty three cents damn one point seven percents off four hour of kicked into gear into options. We now made a fully third sailors dailies continue. Bitcoin is looking the mobile bullish. At of all the shots at the moment in that top ten. And i can tell you right now to the dawn's joff. Bitcoin is ready. Serve i legged itself back a little bit although it's still only forty five point. Five percent is headquartered rise over the last few the last week. Also i will. Bitcoin dahlan's continue. Always say the kickback in diapers I'd say the. Bitcoin dominance given the shot all bitcoin listening to look strong with the mini. The all-south that secure your eyes on the prize get yourself of trying to cope dot com to get your cell phone. That free course. You have a bloody fantastic died ob year old. Well

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