A highlight from Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes Game + News (ACS June 14)


To keep a diary. Here's a tip from the sense. By two one is a decoy. To be left at the top of your sock drawer filled with laments about hand holding only getting a b. Plus on your spanish final the other you keep duct tape to the bottom of your nightstand. It will chronicle your reckless promiscuous descent into hell. How'd you make this has been a life tip from since a adam dalvin. Ac is must've been guest on you. Look at you jump at that. Bamboo stick Yeah he's to have hops like eric. Stromer son eric. Stromer son is like touring with the national. Mcdonald's all star basketball whatever he is and he's like six seven and he's got a forty inch vertical and he's been dunking so like the Even dunking since like the seventh or eighth grade. And now i mean when you're sick seven and you got hops. He said oh is heads at the rim head kids up to the rim. that's insane. Oh yeah so now strimmers doing this thing which you have to do now. Which is you have to essentially quit your job for and then go to our with him tour. I just dropped the talian italian. Has they have to three practices a day for volleyball. Like you gotta drive us. Then you've got to pick us up. Then we come home for an hour. Then you gotta go drivers again. Pick us up. I mean this is when they're not in vegas and then there's a whole thing tomorrow about colleges coming out this this whole. It's a whole thing. Where they they get them young now. They start rookie. I mean stromer son was like being recruited. I don't know how much you know. Max better but i mean probably about the eighth or ninth grade. I think he was being recruited to play colleges. Is that allowed. Yeah i guess so it all. It all feels a little. Michael jackson estimate but the that's the new world order like contracts and sneakers and colleges and groups and scouts and stuff in early so. Somebody's committed chitchat with natalia. They're having some sort of group is a college recruiters are watching volleyball. I don't know how much how it goes past that Yeah i was talking about the man show. So i had to stop. And then kind of reboot. How recruitment most you got to live in the past the glorious past all right we got the game dawson place and the gang makes that technology. What's that you're saying last week's lgbtq. I a. plus themed rotten. Tomatoes game wasn't gay enough for you. Oh well

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