A highlight from Ep 222: Cucking, Bulls & Sex Clubs (Ft. Mr. Slithers & Mistress D)


Or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey with that. It's just hilarious. And i'm just making a show. Ya know that. I got up okay. Call carefully reckless all black affect network. That's the way. I tell all my business that y'all already know and catholic comment on other people's business it's respectable but messy at the same time so make sure you tune in listen carefully reckless every wednesday hump day. The iheartradio et apple podcasts. All wherever you get show podcast. Guess what decision. We're about to make horrible decisions. Locum guys to another episode of horrible decision. I'm mandy be and i am joined by clutch trying to insure yet. If we're we're years and you still don't like any in troy david intro. That man's trying to think. When i was quiet and you showed me know i liked the show. Which one do you like. The i hate when you do your weird frenchaccent. it's not. The moaning was really fun. Whatever the advertisers have an issue with us. This is it. We had our. I call them. They were like you're like our topless into show and we're still trying to figure out why people have an issue mind you bought out. Who who's the president other dot network who we had one shot to mattie who was the woman warrior that's right e- hukou shout to all of the black women down black effects work with. I'm no there's a whole lot more hall. There was only women. There was one white woman mattie and i just love how dali did not give a fuck that mattie was on the because i was embarrassed but you know your co workers. You know you've got a cool co worker. I was like yeah. I just can't understand how these people as we don't. Oh we know why and this shit is bullshit. We're working on it and mattie johnson. Yeah we're talking to them right now because they may seven. W what are greenville shirt on in the middle of the fucking strat dali. So we're happy for team saturday. You guys see why we have been mixing and blending it up with a lot of solo episode with specifically because we want to get back to the core of horrible decisions and it's talking about kink and the lifestyle and the space in normalizing things. I'm super excited for the guest that we have today. We phrase kinda we each other differently. Do a very shameless plug ten. Nine eleven pm. Sex sells on views. Is actually how i know our guests so you guys want to introduce yourselves. Only because being in the lifestyle nicknames. What do you want to go back. I also just know y'all but i don't think we ever even be like. Hey i call him the plug. Name the greeter so if you guys want to introduce yourself and then we'll get into also how an i know the two of you look. Yeah my name is is d but i go by mr st. Because i'm a professional dominatrix. I go by the manslaughters manslaughters. Yeah the man's list manslaughter. mark jackson. He's like the go. That man is like that man in the bad man. The man and the we Mr demand you guys are a couple. How long have you guys been together. Five years oh my high. When did you guys realize that you were like. Oh we nasty. We go to the club. Go real early on from the beginning in meat in the club. Did you know we didn't meet at the cloud now. A great story so I'm a lifestyle com and an old boyfriend of mine. We were in a female led relationship female lead rela- shelbyville they'll be knowing all these words. What does that mean now. A female relationship i mean. There's there's all different types of nuances and dynamics within it but a female led relationship is basically a relationship where the female makes most of the decisions Where i want one of them. Yeah okay So and my boyfriend at the time also happen to be a cook and a cook is a guy who's a partner It sleeps with other people and yeah in front of them not in front of them not to be afraid you now. it doesn't have to be So i tasked him to find me a ball and a bull is the man that the woman sleeps with and so he found slithers and stole. He's so you no no. No no no no. So that's what is giving. That's is not intentional unintentional. I mean but she'd happens he's actually happened. So you're the ball. And then how did they grow into roman so so we so we play together and then the guy and i actually broke up so when we broke up Actually he called me that day that we broke up and i remember this guy come like on the train on the platform and like tears coming. 'cause it's so fresh now's like i don't know if you want to still continue seeing each other because the dynamics no longer there and he goes well. Why don't we just continue to hang out and see where it goes. I was like okay cool and then the just that was it. That's how it happened. Oh we've been together. Since can you imagine if like not the same some hypothetical three and then you walk up with him and then he started walking the other girl then he ends up the girl and now they're in horrible decision. Now i gotta kill both of them. I never thought i'd be like so. I was trying to spice arshat shit up eight now autumn in do some things that i mean. You have to consider and we're definitely going to get into different things of the lifestyle but also in introducing the two of you. We met you guys recently as shooting her show success for us so elaborate on that so win we were shooting sex sells. There's an episode where we go to nsf. W you guys have heard from daniel. Saint and i don't know when air hopefully tonight but in the episode daniel had only talked to fuse. Everybody's busy. Even though i know him he did. Most of that. Connection and fuse basically was like daniel already has people that he knows. That's one hundred that he wants to talk to blah blah blah. So when i walk in you know how people have a presence to where you already know. So i i was supposed to like interview couples and stuff but i really wanted to interview people that looked like they should be there no shade. So i walk in the cameraman. I don't even know if he asked you. At this point he just is drawn to d and it was josh l. Tadashi just starts filming her getting ready and she looked so beautiful. It was like a great mirror. Shot like and What everybody had pre consent. They knew they were going to be filmed. There wasn't like anyone got shot like people that went to the event that i new and

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