Daredevil Dies Attempting World-Record Motorcycle Jump


Falls short of the target. Almost Corwin Hank has more afraid of resident and stunt driver Alex Harville chose the Moses Lake Air Show. To attempt a Guinness world record breaking dirt bike jump More than a football field in length spectator Debbie Williams tells K. R E M She was watching as the 28 year old daredevil tried for a 351 ft jump. The next thing I know he went off with the ramp and he didn't make it to the hills back tire. Looks like he got caught. And then he flew through the air in his helmet came off. Losing the helmet may have cost Harville his life as the Kawasaki motorcycle crashed into the dirt just short of the target ramp. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Harville leaves behind a wife and two young sons. Corwin Hike. KOMO NEWS The Tour de France creating a women's

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