A highlight from Modern Day Mr. Rogers (Ft. Donovan Taylor Hall)


To another edition of on one with angela. Rye i am your host and today i have the great pleasure in honor of being taught to just like the rest of you. He goes by mister donovan to his middle school students but his name is donovan. Taylor some of you may have seen him go by role being a tic tac sensation who is encouraging young. People all over the country the world and especially in his classrooms impact academy mister donovan. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for having me. I am florida so excited to be able to talk to you today to be able to share my work with you so thank you so much. Always my pleasure. So mr donovan. Normally we do a rapid round. And we were told about a self check-in exercise that you do with your students in we were going to do a version of that with you today. I love that. That's great i love that sal. The first thing is share with us one thing. You are proud of yourself for doing one thing. I'm proud of myself. Doing i think is creating a vision sticking to it. I think that Over the past ten years in the very beginning. I was really unsure what it was and then as i continue to really lean into this work and get passionate about the work. I was doing with the kids on the more that i felt like. This is the path for me. And i think that pursuing something especially outside of the norm around of education pursuing a career that there is no really like path for it. is really hard and i'm just really proud of myself for being so committed to it okay. Three personnel strengths of mine are I would say communication which is just like i think my biggest key in the world By humor and my ability to connect with three things. I like about myself like my hair. And i never got to grow it out until recently a big fan of a i like that. I'm able to work with kids. I like that. I'm able to connect with them on a level that allows for deeper work. then i like I just like how funny i am. I think i'm the funniest person to myself. So i gotta say one way that i've grown one way that i've grown is recently. I think which is really like help to do this. Work is setting boundaries with other people with my work Realizing that boundary setting is not about like not you in more about yes to me you know in this year's has been all about i think before i before this year happened. That was really struggling with just giving all my energy our like doing everything everyone else all the time and i never had time to actually work my stuff so once quarantine started actually had his face or by without having to make an excuse is there wasn't actual so i can do it but then i got to practice boundary setting you coming back because now i realize how important it is. I love that it's not about not you buy yes to meet three things. That are important to me. Yeah let's do that three things that are important to me to dress a kid. You have young people off I think that humanity is really important to me at something that i've really kind of didn't even understand about myself until recently Is really dead. Parts of ourselves that make a shine. The most are the parts that we don't really get to talk about. And so combining that with kids is really important to give them a chance to really kind of shine through their humanity And then i would say core values my values just in general like my five are. I live by and how i understand myself when i get upset about things like connected back to a poor value. So yeah those would be my three one way. I want to grow as a person this year i dislike. This is because i was pushing growth for so long. And then i realized recently that you know sometimes you have and i think they act. Sometimes you know personal development especially in this country like was started by you know white men who didn't have to go through layers of oppression so it's easy for them to just be like it's your fault you feel this way like lift yourself up and i think that i used to believe that a lot until recently where it was like i got. You'll i gotta take care of myself. I need to process like what society does me. I need a process. What i've done myself and so i kind of stopped thinking about how to grow. I was like i'm cutting just being radio. So i guess the way that. I wanna grow as i wanna lean more into being news versus like having to always be targeting hundred s dead the let me tell you how your evolve. You're using all the things my holistic therapists. I know you're out here. He bought me this year. You talk about the boundaries loving boundaries. Being instead of doing. I'm here okay. Here's my last one. One

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