Benefits of Omega-3s Include Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol


Up to 5500 MG of day was actually linked to a 35% lower risk of a fatal heart attack. 13% lower risk of a non fatal heart attack 10% lower risk of cardiovascular events. And those with cardiovascular disease. And 9% lower risk of death related to port to cardiovascular disease. So you know those are pretty impressive numbers just to hear those numbers. Um, from that study. And and, you know, again, you know it comes with directly improving our vessels are vascular health. Also what you know, I mentioned that word blood pressure. But Omega threes have been also shown to reduce the blood pressure itself. So not only can it directly keep the walls of our vessels healthy. But it can also lower our blood pressure. They can lower our cholesterol levels and remember, cholesterol is really you know, high cholesterol is really the villain that ends up sticking to the walls of our vessels. So if we can lower our triglycerides and lower LDL levels How through taking omega threes and adding something like l V l X Q 10, you know, then were in effect, you know, protecting. The walls of our vessels by lowering that cholesterol also Omega Threes will talk, you know, throughout the show that they can also help with diabetes and diabetes is yet one of those other risks of

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