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Center. I'm Pamela. For with your top stories. Iran isn't invited to this week's G seven summit. The President Biden and Biden that is and others may still include them in the discussion. The last U. S president ended the nuclear deal in any talks with Iran President Biden hoping to get that back on track with other G seven summit leaders. We believe the Iranians will ultimately be prepared to engage in those negotiations, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan saying the president would like to ease us Iranian tension and get that nation back to its nuclear agreement. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington It's the first solar eclipse since 2017. It won't be a total eclipse. But depending on where you live, you can enjoy the annular solar eclipse right there in your own yard. Geysers can count their lucky stars the first solar eclipse since 2017 on the horizon early Thursday morning. That's when the moon passes across the sun blocking it. And casting a shadow on Earth. But it will be a partial eclipse, since the moon is too far away from the earth, and it will create what's called a ring of fire for areas further north like Canada and Greenland. If you live in the Northeast, though, that partial eclipse will be lit up in a crescent shape as the moon passes through it all starts around sunrise, Michelle Franzen, ABC News and, finally, although the CMA music fest or as the locals call it fanfare was canceled this year. The CMT Music Awards will air tonight from Nashville. That is the latest news, traffic and weather next. Are you worried about long term care tune into bullet proof of state

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