Is Lactose Intolerance Causing Your Gut Issues? With Dr. Elizabeth Boham


Welcome dr boeheim. Dr bomb is joining me today. She's our medical records. Ultra wanna center. Incredible physician friend and colleague for decades who's also an rv and an an exercise physiologist and teaches nutritional or the world is on the faculty of the institute for cultural medicine and some of the most important fishing curriculum. We have in the world. i think anyway. I am so sad to have you. Liz again on another episode of housecall on doctors pharmacy and to talk about this nasty problem called lactose intolerant. So get us up to speed about what this is. How common is it. And what causes it and other were born with their we. Can we can develop. And how does it all work. Lactose intolerance is so common. It's it's at least sixty five percent of the world population you know at increases as we get older it's not a with lactose. Intolerance means is the inability to digest the lactose in dairy products that carbohydrate in dairy products and it really does vary a a amongst different of racial groups in ethnic groups owes more common in. We seen in africa in south america and asia. It's less common in europe but it is it is throughout the whole world. We see lactose intolerance and as people get older. We see more and more lactose intolerance. In fact you know some people. Think that By wince we reach age ninety nine. Everybody has some degree of lactose intolerance as i mentioned. It's it's uncommon in in our in younger kids so but there are young kids who have lactose intolerance and anything that damages the intestines if you damage the vilnai in the intestines so if you get a a gastroenteritis if you get an infection in the inflammation in the intestines Sometimes the people take antibiotics or chemotherapy or have inflammation in their tests. That can result in lactose intolerance. So people always say to be well. I used to have no problem with dairy. But now i'm having trouble with with dairy and it's because that can happen after a round of antibiotics or after an infection or we just as we get older

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