A highlight from 8 BIT CRUMBS - 06 - 03 - 2021

Double Toasted


Used to it. But i love every time. I do juicy voids part of my thing my monitor. Yes yes but welcome everyone to eight bit crumbs. I am christopher juicy herman. I'm not joined by corey Corey coleman today dry s coleman as we call him on the show. Yes as corey. Dry on harry ball sack. He created that wonderful song for us that data. That was him. I hope he gets is twitch channel backed by the way yes exactly like prince change it to a symbol for formerly a non firmly. Harry ball sec came up with the fact that corey's dry. I don't know why no idea additives. That what uses scribe corey. Dry was never went to see him as he was asked a little awkward but now everyone welcome to the stream. Hope you're having a very nice day. As i said before this is eight bit crumbs and we got a whole bunch of video game topics to cover. Actually not that not that much. No just a just a couple of stories today. I'm kind of covering fire crisis gameplay review having a couple of days ago dying light which is an open world zombie kind things. They'll work out and something about the god of war to yes. Yes and there was something you sit me about dying light. Yes as i was going to ask you about okay. All right but we'll we'll always we get their sounds. Good no sounds good. I'll answer all your questions and of course then we have another segment. Here would be fun. Martin i know that you play video games but if you're not maybe experience like a lot of horror games only the last of us. Okay all right perfect perfect. Because i am in the middle of plane the last of us to right now. How do you like that right now. It's okay it's not as compelling as the first one at all. do you feel that. The pacing of that game is like a little off a little slow. Yes because with with most of the gains plane. And maybe it's because working with you guys who you've told me this is good. This is good. this is good. Lie games i play. I i go i. I'm gonna play for thirty minutes and then it's four hours later and even when i'm asleep i'm thinking about it dream about it and can't wait to get back and this is one where it places where i stop. I can go a week or two in nagoya. Oh yeah she picked up back up again. Yeah this was just night and you like the original. It's yeah it's really not. I mean it's it's not saying it's bad it's still enjoyable but yet it's just not pulling me in the way just about every other game i've played you know gosta. Shema miles morales uncharted. All those have had me like man. Keep the back to this. I like the last of us part to a lot. But my biggest criticism of that game was the Just the pacing especially because it had you do things that felt unnecessary to me like take remove this one cord and take it over here. You're just have that at all. It's unnecessary and it is a very long game. It's it's well. I think it's like twenty plus hours. So you're gonna feel even there'll be a point where it's like okay begin it's gonna keep going another another three hours like okay balogh time. So it's like yeah yes but but yeah thoughts. I understand that. But i do have some recommendations for you because i know you. I know what you like most most of what you like. I think these are some horror games. I think we'll be pretty cool for you. try out. i didn't give you dislike first person. You know you know haunted house things like that. Because i know you and i are very similar in our our likes and dislikes when it comes to horror. Because i know you're not a fan of ghost. Movies haunted house films. I say the exact same way. It's funny because i've been watching rewatching like all the conjuring films for my own channel recently. I'm like do the same thing. He's the ruby which is nothing. They don't do nothing yet. They mostly pulled it off at the first one. Yeah and it's been diminishing returns really has even with them not giving us a screening for the new one. I'm blanking fine. I saw the trailer for that one. Recent kansas seems like the same stuff over again. And you're right. Like i like the first film but gets still indulging the same thing. The door opens and closes. And you hear knock in and then there's some scharnagl woman on the wall and she grabs the disappears yet. This is the same stuff over again in a lot of that kind of you know haunted house shenanigans it always it always comes off unintentionally funny to me like when the thing possesses. You were throws you around the room and it's like that's lunatic. What happening so yeah. 'cause i just watching conjuring one anna bill which i think is the worst one because nothing happens in. She's not dressed shit. Yeah and bills. Nothing to be scared you no not everything else. Does all the work. And then i saw the conjuring to which is just a longer version of the first film with a blue color. A great color palette pretty much. And then so. I've been i've been doing those right now but i know you so i got some some cool games. I think you'll like sci fi or body horror deconstruction horror. I'm hopeful you might be cool very nice very nice but but before we get all that good stuff i gotta go ahead and get the chatham the refresh the chat because i believe corey and mia who currently. That's that's probably what you wanna guys know. Corey mir currently in new york right.

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