State and Local Republican Parties Are Turning Ever More Toward Trump


January six dr day history of the united states cap president trump is spoken many times since we left office. And i don't know if we'll ever see. But i will always be proud of what we accomplish for the american people over the last four years in new hampshire this week downplaying his differences with president trump Over the course of their partnership president trump of course returned to the stage last night as well with that speech in north carolina. Talk about it on our roundtable. We've got rahm emanuel donna. Brazile wall street journal columnist jason ryan riley a senior fellow at the manhattan institute and author of new book. Maverick a biography of thomas sowell and former libertarian member of congress justin amash and carson let me begin with you. The new york times is an interesting analysis of president trump this where they call them diminished but dominating at the same time of course. He had to give up basically his blog this week. He's still has a hold on the republican party. You serve with a lot of republican members of congress. How do you explain it. What republicans do about it well over the last couple years. I've really seen it. Take off. When i first got to congress. I could see this nationalist sort of starting to swell and by about two thousand fifteen. It took hold of the republican party in in a pretty big way at first members of congress when donald trump took office were doubtful about him. They would make fun of them in private. They'd criticize him They'd insult him. Even i thought they going too far and i was a big critic of donald trump and i couldn't believe some of the things that were said about him and then around two or three years ago around the beginning of twenty nine or so. I saw people really start to shift and the party really became donald trump's party completely and that's going to be the way it is over the next few years. I don't think. I don't think we're going back to a different kind of republican party.

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