Liz Cheney, Speaker Pelosi And Lynne Cheney discussed on Hope in the Night


Be bipartisan from the start. We're proud that Lynne Cheney has made the public state Excuse me. Liz Cheney has made the public statements that she has made And that she has agreed to join. But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was taken aback at the mention of Cheney's name That was shocking to me. If a person is a Republican. Get to the committee assignments from the Republican Conference for some day to accept committee assignments from Speaker Pelosi. That's unprecedented McCarthy questions since he hasn't heard from the Wyoming representative that maybe she's closer to Pelosi than to the GOP. Democrat effort to expand the super expand the Supreme Court appears to be losing some of its momentum in Washington. Progressives are already complaining and Presidential Commission set up to investigate expanding the court is unlikely to produce in a bold guidance that deals a setback to those wanting to change the makeup of the court to offset former President Trump's success in confirming three constitutional conservatives. Keeping the issue on the back burner, though, may be welcome news for the party leaders. Failing as it does from the left wing of the party. Some fear a protracted battle over court packing could cost some more moderate Democrats in next year's midterm elections by Wagner reporting. Rescue efforts at the Florida condo site were halted for some 15 hours Thursday out of concern about the stability of the remaining structure. Miami Dade Fire rescue chief Alan Kaminsky. There was some Expansion

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