A highlight from Food shocks and how to avoid them

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Era of increasing instability from the cove nineteen pandemic to climate change food. Insecurity is a growing problem this week. Any paper out in nature models. How cities can adapt supply chains to better keep food on their citizens plates reporter. Alex jennings talk to author affonso mahia to find out more. This paper is about protecting cities from food. Supply shocks and bought is a food supply shock so a series received influence of foods for different food types and win city experiences a sudden decrease in this impulse. We call that a food shock and what can cause that. Yes there are many causes for these foot. Supply shocks one main cause is climate climate change climate variability as we experience more droughts and have a strong effect on crop production. Geopolitical instabilities can be problem. I mean the more recent. Why perhaps it's more of a demand induced shock that we spend with the covet where people are not going out to eat at restaurants decreases demand for food that can also caused a shock. What is the effect of food shocks. Inner city they can have an influence on foot price if prices go a little bit up then. Low income of born of populations in a city can be impacted in sochi. Look at Low income underserved communities like blacks hispanics in the united states. You see these percentages of fooling secure people going up in cities of the us so cities have this problem. They can be vulnerable to food shocks. What did you set out to do in your study. We wanted to look at Whether they are lessons from nature that we

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