A highlight from Episode 49B JD Rempel Critiquing


Are you working on your other career? But struggling to get that first book, published does the goal of being an author seen through Thursday or thoughts of having multiple books and making a full-time living, or as Fantastical is living in Cinderella's Castle. Welcome to discovered wordsmiths a podcast where aspiring authors can be heard. Join Stephen Schneider. Is he finds and talks to authors? You may not know, but authors that have gotten their foot on the author career path here. What they've done to get there and off, they want to go. Now settle down, it's time for a bit of inspiration and advice, listen to today's discovered Wordsmith. All right. Well, JD welcome back to the second half of the podcast where we talk more author, things and our topic we're going to talk about critiquing. But before we do that, you have written a couple of books already and you're working on more. So what are some things you have learned that you're doing different now than you did at the beginning? Is there any software that you're using? Now, that you didn't or any like, like, for me? When I first started, I had a lot of my sentences start with ing Words, which is one of those things that's kind of frowned upon. So that was something I had to learn and do different and I know a lot of authors start off, you know, like some software and doing something different, you know, some people outline and our don't outline and then they learn to outline things like that. So just anything that you may be doing different or learned that you suck, Are doing now. Now I I think it's it's not I think learning to write the whole time, I don't see. Cuz once I incorporate that in, I'm not realizing that I have. Like, I realize that I've learned it but I can't, I can tell the difference. But I more, it's more of what I have learned about writing down. I think that everybody should know that. You don't realize when you start writing, is that like once you publish then, it's like, you have to Market. We, it's not like, it's not like, you get to like, right? And that's all you get to do. It's like, okay, well, I have to go out and tell people about my book. I have to do this is the the big one for me which I've just started doing. I can't believe I'm doing it as I'm doing speaking engagements. That's why I was just like no no, I will never do that. I will never do that. And now I'm doing them because I can do them online. So it's like, oh, I can do that now. But I'm still, like, I, I just realized how much you have, there's so much more to writing than just writing, it's like, you have to Market yourself. You have to be on social media all the time and I'm not, I'm not an intention, a kind of person. I, I actually don't like attention. I like attention for my books. I like them. It's like there are separate from me. You can, like my books but I don't want you to, you know, I don't want attention at all. But I I really it's almost like I've been writing for like twenty years and I, but I've as a hobby writer, but I think I've been doing job as a professional for like three to four years of really, doing it all the time and stuff. But even now I'm like, maybe I should have waited and published because now I don't have as much time to read. Eight, because I'm always doing something for my books. Like now, I'm doing the audio for my books, so that's a whole new thing that I'm doing that. I didn't expect that, I'd be doing or speaking with our marketing and social media, and it's just like I it's like can't think just like have enough money. So I can hire somebody to do that. So I don't have to do that. So I can just write. I just want to be in my little hidey-hole writing on my little books. Everybody leave me alone. Let me write down my book. I think a lot of authors have that feeling and they come into it with you.

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