New Video Shows Fatal Arrest of Ronald Greene


Forty. Nine year old. Ronald a black man living in monroe louisiana died in may twenty. Nineteen after a high-speed chase louisiana state troopers at first green's family says officers told them he died after crashing his car into a tree later. Louisiana state police released a brief statement saying that green had struggled with troopers and died on his way to the hospital for years. Police refused to release body camera footage from that night but now the associated press obtained some of that video and it is incredibly disturbing issues officers using a taser on green punching him in the face and using chokehold also dragging him while he's often on the ground tonight two years after his death. The state police just finally released all of the footage from that night. Nbc news correspondent. Priscilla thompson has been covering the story and she joins me now. Live from monroe louisiana with the latest. Priscilla was their lena that announcement from louisiana state police coming late today a reversal from what they were saying just yesterday. Which was that releasing this footage Would not be done until this. Investigation was complete however today they are saying now that the ap has dropped this second batch of videos. The videos that they have published are not the complete an entire amount of evidence and so that is why they have chosen to release this video in its entirety at this moment now nbc news is still reviewing that newly released video but what we did see from the second batch footage that was dropped by the associated press. Today is ronald grin on his stomach in handcuffs trying to prop himself and turn over on his side and officers commanding him to remain on his stomach one officer even using his foot to keep ronald green down

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