Alan Turing: Thinker Ahead of His Time

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Alan turing one of the more original scientific brains of the twentieth century. Sheeran change the world. There are several sides to the story of exactly how he changed. The welder insiders the cobra. King bletchley park the impacts. You head on the wall. The other side of it is what feels most relevant to us today. Cheering invented the modern computer. Teach orange the lives of every one of us who whose work all play involved with computers. Jack copeland founder of the alan turing online archive. An eccentric englishman. Tragic figure and one of the top scientific brains of all time because he influenced so many different areas. According to the science journal nature. The scope of cheering is a chievements is extraordinary. Mathematicians will honor the man who cracked david hilbert decision problem and historians will remember him. As the man who broke. Nazi germany's a 'nigma code and help to shorten the second world. War engineers will hell the founder of the digital age artificial intelligence. Biologists will pay homage to the theory rhetorician of morphou genesis and physicists. Were raise a glass to the pioneer of non linear dynamics philosophers. Meanwhile a likely to continue to frown over his one line. As on the limits of reason and intuition if a machine is expected to infallible it cannot also be intelligent. He said in a nineteen forty seven talk to the london mathematical society. The biography alan turing. The 'nigma by andrew hodges was probably the first major work to bring this extraordinary. Scientists academic strengths and personal foibles to a general audience. Dr hodges a fellow in mathematics at oxford university he had very isolated sort of boyhood and his parents were often india. Father was an official in indian civil service. Very middle class. Sort of life sent off to foster parents. Prep school this public school. She wasn't his thing at all but then when he was sixteen someone broke into his world is design and now the boy called christopher volka and they share this great interest in science fundamental science thinking about things scientifically

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