Outdoor Dining In San Diego


Post pandemic things happening in the real estate world and probably one of the biggest things or at least one of the biggest changes that we've seen and we it's interesting because we have the weather for it but the dining regulations for outdoor dining regulations or being extended right. And i think that's a good thing. So they're gonna so. The city council has voted eight two eight zero to extend the street permits until july. Twenty second for all the outside dining so all the or excuse me twenty twenty two july thousand twenty two. So all of the Outside dining areas that you see set up. They're going to leave that setup for the next year a little over a year and i think it's great. I i agree. I mean i i've eaten indoors now Being vaccinated. I feel pretty comfortable with it but i also rather eat outside and if i had the choice typically i would choose outdoor dining at this point just because we are living in san diego and What why would you wanna be in a crowded indoor space. I mean even though. I know they're not full capacity inside. I mean it's typically it's nice weather sun doesn't go down till almost eight anyways it's It's easy to eat outside. And if they have good if they have nice options. I think that one thing that you have to think about what this outdoor dining is. These people have spent a lot of money. Maybe a little too much money building really nice dining experiences outdoors. So they're not like you're just eating on the side of the street you really are. You're in a really kind of an environment. That's conducive to the restaurant.

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