A Terrifying Medical Mystery in New Brunswick

The Big Story


This is the big story. Amanda coletta covers canada for the washington. Post hey amanda hi jordan. Can you begin by telling me about allier. Moreau and what he does share so dr ali muraro is an urologist hospital in moncton new brunswick and he is now sort of the lead person who is treating people in this cluster And also sort of leading the investigation into what is causing it when you say cluster. Maybe back up a bit and tell us what's happening out there. What are they looking at. So officials in new brunswick and federal officials have identified. What is being called the new brunswick cluster of neurological syndrome of unknown cause These are cases of a sort of mysterious neurological syndrome. And we can discuss sort of the symptoms shortly But the cases are mostly in the moncton area in the acadian peninsula. Though officials have identified to the public which specific towns are areas have cases so far there are forty eight cases under investigation. Six people have died though there still some testing being done to determine sort of definitively whether this mysterious syndrome was the cause of those stats. The youngest person in the cluster is eighteen. The oldest is eighty-five. The cases are split evenly between men and women. This subjects for most of the people in the cluster started in two thousand eighteen. Two thousand nineteen and two thousand twenty but at least one case was identified sort of Retrospectively last year and that person sort of had symptoms while before that so. What

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