New York Mets Injuries: Conforto, McNeil out Until Late June


It's a right now. Challenging time for the mets because of all these injuries yesterday zach scott. Their general manager told reporters. That michael conforto jeff. Mcneil are likely out until late. June because his severity of their hamstring. Polls yesterday when the mets were facing the rockies they'd play james mccann at first base for the first time for mccann professionally. They're just trying to put as many major leaguers in the lineup as they possibly can and in the top of the second inning. They fell behind pitches. Hit pretty well to right field going back to watch it go into the bullpen. Touch of all time for ryan mcmahon eight fifty. Koa took an early lead bottom of the fourth inning francisco. Linda came to the plate are leads from first pitch round ball up the middle to his left story as it flip the second one over the first two double play off the bat of lindores those scattered boos from earlier. Start to smear a little. Bit around the ballpark from wcbs iraqis would win this game. Three to to just the third win in twenty road games for colorado this season Because the mets are so banged up austin gombar throwing eight innings allowing just two hits

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