A highlight from League Rundown - Episode 357: WTF 2 NA IN MSI??


To a and msi. As always. i'm your host sean duffy. And i'm joined today by two of our regular co host and one wonderful guest house we've got in a. Hey we've got jacks tweets dot tv slash jackson and joining us. We've got badger. I i appreciate the guest host title because people have ways you high expectations on my takes if you ever give me the actual host title since i reverse cursed see nine ensue. Nc rumble stage You're welcome every and a fan. That's in our discord. Because i literally cursed the first four games in a row of msi on fry on tuesday morning. And i'm just like all right. Who am i adding to my reverse death. Note this game. And i was about to start a poll for late game five and six just to see who it was so it was good time and it was a good time for. I think everyone is an nfl fan since we got two teams technocrats. Who seems sowed of out of the group stage and msi baby. Thank you so she to l. cs just regular players. That's how it works. And in fact which region has the most players in the rumble stage. That's right and a baby get fucked now. Is it only eight players. Yes only three of them actually on the lcs team you're right but we're counting all the matters the academy count those baby all right. Let's talk some news riot right. Ice chest is leaving elsie. S for any of our and this is a nother industry of lcs and really just league of legends writers who are leaving for other right problems. Valerie it's killing league. No no i. I came for league and i did not say anything because i wasn't a league player. Then they came for and didn't say anything. Because i was a league player. Wait hold on more riot. Riders jumping over. Which is probably great news for the valorous seen you cannot find a single better area to take people from to create a pro e sports environment than legal legends. It is by far the best. Single eastbourne zine you can make arguments about particulars in doda. You can make arguments particulars and see esco. But if you're trying to create a full functioning deep actual system. It's league right now. Baby i think at least as you've seen all the progression i think the one thing that valerien has going for him is they've taken enough of like a pool of talent from cs. Go that slake. Freelance contracts almost like and brought that talent over and had blake nursery. Gabor's who produced the anna side of the valerie. Masters has done a lot of stuff in the past. They used to actually hold their own counter. Strike tournaments in philadelphia called frank alpha and they had a lot of like high profile lecture to teams. Go there so they have like a have a knowledge of that mixed with like all the talent that's coming over from like league into it just like just the general broadcast knowledge and talent ones really good for our seemed to really good to see it explode in its first year and we may talk more about this. As it progresses we do have the first real major event for valor. Coming up right after masai. So you're going to be hearing more about it. You're gonna see more about it super fun. If you haven't already enes going to tell you about a great place you can jump on in and join us in playing some wonderful valor. Joining our daycare. Oh i should absolutely join our discord server lincoln episode description. We have all sorts of great stuff over there. we have Like shawn mentioned. We have stuff going on. We've got obviously we have league of legends stuff going on. Ms is in full swing right now. We have a special dedicated channel. Just for msi for everyone to talk about it. It is extremely active currently. There's like fifty messages being sent every like twenty or thirty minutes. It's very very active right now. Yeah we're getting amazing engagement with the server right now If you're not already part of it you should absolutely join. There's tons of great people there. There's done a great stuff to interact with. And do you can check out sean stream because we have stream notifications now. So it'll pop up in the announcements channel that sean jackson streaming so you'll never miss one of their streams. Yeah among so many other things and it's only getting better from here on out. You should absolutely join the discord server. Lincoln the description. Hell yeah alright right partnering tobacco a publisher a really a game. Dev group out of africa called carey. I it's actually gained publisher. this is part of. I believe they're right forage initiative where they're really spreading their wings. And this is something that i think is really interesting in terms of the industry itself. I believe this is the first publisher that right is actually partnering with rather than a game dev group to actually create a riot specific game title instead the seems to be something not really specifically ruined tara or riot related its own entity and this might be the first step to riot spreading out from being just a game dev to something more which is really cool because as much as we love to me mariah it really does feel like they have the core concept of what makes games fun and interesting exciting for everyone as like an actual core concept for themselves which is really tough to find you know everyone wants to say e bad yeah ye as bad but the reason we get eighty percent of the games that are popular is because ea and other companies like it exist and are willing to publish stuff so of riots kind of deciding that that's a space that can make waves in.

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