Are There Benefits to Adding Omega-3s to Your Supplement Stack?


Think in a metabolical healthy scenario. You can consume high amount of a mega threes. even those fragile ones. Let's say fish oil and not be at risk of a high amount approximation but if you're inflamed tons of or excess. Uva you'd be b radiation or other forms of inflammation radiation and. It's it's it's hot oil or hasn't been treated properly or you're in a state of excess stress or high blood sugar. I think can do more harm than good to have like an omega three as part of your supplement stack interesting kind of depends on the scenario. Yeah but also. That's where. I mean demonizing omega threes and particularly fish. Oil is where i think sometimes. There's a disconnect between looking at like like spec speculating mechanistically and what we see from like outcome. Data randomized controlled trials. That will use omega three supplements as an intervention to for for whatever it may be whether it's to reduce triglycerides. We know that there's now a pharmaceutical available. It's basically petrified hypertrophied. Epa right which is which is gone. It's an epa based oil that they've done. These large randomized clinical trials. In and from from what i understand the actually didn't do a similar trial on. Dha and epa which theoretically would induce even greater benefits you know from like a neural standpoints or cell membrane standpoint than just the epa based mega threes. So but you're right. Max like you can say that. Theoretically consuming fish oil because it's fragile would lead to peroxidase in your bloodstream. Yet when you look at the large human clinical trials. we're seeing like lower triglycerides better disease outcomes variety of factors that show that that's for some reason not occurring or it's it's you know. The pros outweigh the

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