'American Marxism' Tops Over 400,000 Copies Sold in First Week


And again. I want to thank you folks. You are absolutely, uh, fantastic, tremendous patriots who care about the survival of this country? And I want you to know that, uh, as I did point out yesterday were not only number one on the New York Times, hardcover nonfiction New York Times hardcover and E book combined nonfiction. The final numbers for the first week came in. Hardcover books, 330,000 E books and audio. Another 70,000. So all told all format 400,000 copies. American Marxism were sold. Because of you. Purchasing it for yourself. Other people, family members and so forth. And this week. The numbers are also significant as best as I can see. And so I believe this movement is for real. I believe this movement is growing. I believe the Americans who are patriotic who love this country, and we far outnumber the others. Want to understand exactly what's taking place. Who's doing it to us where this comes from, and Some ideas many ideas from what we should do about it.

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