Route 66, the Mother Road


From the first days we started working together. And i drove around a lot to gals in one thousand nine hundred seventy two green dotson roaming the tri county area like buzzing todd minus the corvette through santa cruz monterey and san benito counties in california we were doing oral histories and recording. Everybody who moved cowboys and fishermen farmworkers italian grandmothers. This was in the day of cassettes and as we drove around we always talked about how great it would be to document the roads inside roads. We were travelling so people could just pop in a cassette and listen to the people around them as they drove on through. We never quite pulled off that cassette idea on a large scale but when davy moved east for a while we decided to try the idea out on route sixty six. She'd be driving a lot so that was the start. It was the end of the road. It was the last days surf route. Sixty six as we were traveling. I mean just trying to follow it at that. Point was a you know you drive down. Affronted tro that was the old highway. And then it would just bottom out. And there'd be broken asphalt or cactus. So we're trying to get icon of people from each stretch of the road and mickey mantle grew up on route sixty six. He played baseball team. Known as the baxter springs with kids the scout for the yankees with dr along route. Sixty six looking for up and coming ballplayers and manel hits this home. Run across the highway. And that's part of how he was spotted. So we're going. where can we find mickey mantle. We started to kind sniff around joplin missouri. The mickey mantle holiday inn. And someone said. Oh yeah there's a golf tournament going. On and mickey mantle. One of his sons. Were playing so. I just called the golf course. Said ma'am please speak to mr mantle. Suddenly there was mickey mantle on the telephone. We explain the story to him. And what we're doing in route sixty six and agrees to meet us and poor mickey. He could hardly walk by that time has knees. Were just blown out. Sorta bandy leg walks up one flight of stairs gets in the room. He just gives me a look and he just goes hallo. Did you get my phone number.

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