Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Fighting for Voter Reform


Me ask you a question. This is, uh Actually very important and interesting question. The camera wealth of Pennsylvania, My home state. The legislature's Republican The Legislature wants to pass. Voting reform. Because of the way the Democrat Party Destroyed the voting system in the state of Pennsylvania. Both attacks on the state Supreme Court. It's hack governor. It's hack. Attorney general attack secretary of state and the rest of them. Now under our federal constitution. As you know, as we've talked about Endlessly. The state legislature. Not the state. Not all branches of the state. The state Legislature is specifically Granted the power To determine the means by which elections will be held to select electors. Excludes the courts. It excludes the executive branch. Now in Pennsylvania, particular, which I am familiar. As is my wife would litigate it up there. The opposite happened. You had a court on multiple occasions. Majority Democrat elected Their highest court was rewriting the state election loss. You had the executive branch, rewriting the state election laws through Guidance and directives to the counties. They have no constitutional authority to do any of that. So the state Legislature is trying to claw some of its power back and not deny people the right to vote to deny people who aren't supposed to vote the right to vote.

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