A highlight from Ep. 308: Face Shaving, Dermaplaning Tools & The Weeks Beauty News

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If you don't know what you're getting into a lot friends jess i'm well. I'm well so listen. I know you are getting ready for a trip tomorrow. You're packing we're taking not a break because we've we've got some episodes in the hopper thing we do. I'm off to germany. To have a long deserved visit with my stepson. Eric's coming to. Obviously you know he and i are really going to have a good time so we'll be there for two weeks. You're actually we're going to record next week. I'll be in germany when we're recording sell ya. Maybe i'll have current german. Pd fines share with everybody. But what what about. I know you've been testing some products here in the old goal. Us vais. i do. And guys i make my promises. I think it was last week the week before in the news. We were talking about Hud 'as new line. I know it's huddah. That's how she says it. I always want to. I've pronounced ten ways on the show. I'm so sorry. Had a glow wish. It was her whole line designed to be less instagram extent. Aesthetic if you will and more natural so she had this new multi do skin clinton and the promise was that it was going to be. This is interested tinted moisturizer. It was going to be that finish but without like moving around and staying on your face. So i said i would test it. Are you wearing now. Yes i have been wearing it non stop. I'm kind of obsessed so as promised it stays put longer than my tinted moisturizer. I love lar- mercy still hers has spf though so i will say the glowing one. The multi use content does not have spf. So you do have to wear. Spf on top. But it has. I'm not gonna call it paralyzed. Because it doesn't have shimmer. But i cannot explain. It is like this. Like i want to say like a holographic like almost as if you took like titanium dioxide and supernanny is it so that it was reflective with that little bit of like per purplish global like pearla glow girl. I can't so. I don't like a lot of the the more they call it dewey. When it's a tinted moisturizer dewey. That's mica. I'm shimmering mersa limited lovely but it's too much shimmer for me i know you like that. He s they discontinued. I already wrote an email. That was Pointed out that way. I was so upset i was so simple like a serious glow that like is reflective in the sun. You turn your head in there shimmer. That's that the multi use ten. It's like a theory is a little bit too much radiant experience. Yeah all of these. Words are like overused. So i really can't explain it but it looks dewey without looking oily you do look globally promise and it does stick around and the tints are very forgiving inflexible so ordering online for me. It was like well. What am i am light to. Medium or medium. most the light to medium worked on me. Because they're very sheer. I don't know how she did it. It's not cheap. It's thirty bucks but like you will not be disappointed. I guarantee it thirty dollars. Them's fighting. words are then buying words over. Wow so i wanted to report back. Make sure i let you guys know. There's also bronze to me. The bronze are was like not anything out of the ordinary. It's lovely but like that's not the most original product but this multi do skin out really feeling. Okay okay put a link so if you wanna check it out yourself have you been trying anything new i've been using a lot of gucci westman gucci. A couple of weeks ago and yes. They sent me a lot of products. And i really liking that is in a stick and like varied. Everything's creamy the go it honestly. My aesthetic is mom on the go right now. Everything has to be fast. So i'm just really. Yeah i like it. It's a stick. So i use the the like the lit up stake. It's a dui. Stay underneath. And that i use the creamy foundations and ladies. Okay i'm gonna let you a little track okay. This is shack. You use two. Different colors found eight shades of foundation. The lighter one under your eyes and then okay. You have to budget for two different shades foundation so and this could be any foundation. Obviously she's using hers and then the darker one on your tour contours. So it's not like you're not contracting with a us lebron's or and then you know like regular foundation shave. Yes but it's just like you just do sickle exactly so the lighter one underneath your is almost as if it's a conceal her and then the darker one on the rest of your face and she's like that's like a photo shoot trick and i won't say it definitely does a little brightening Sometimes i don't have time for that though. 'cause like lake is like inbetween my legs or like like rattling through something and i like i. Actually we laugh about bronze through lately because my who is using bronze or like not me now. I just feel like. I'm off bronze. Or i do like her bronze because they just add a little color got But i like. I love all the creams creams. We're both having a summer of do and cream formula forgiving scaring skins really dry. It's just yeah. I need the moisture. Okay i'm glad we're both getting the moisture the season one more thing. Okay now you've got into the show. Yeah i do like live plying. Lately but it's hard to remember. Reapply china lip liner. That stays as long as as long lasting lipsticks signing a damn lip liner. That stays the day. So opening sodas for everybody to hear while we're just getting into lay ladies get comfortable that's going to be minute thing made as as this show is for all genders. I've just joking. ladies first. Everyone binary turtles could be like okay. I saw skunk last night. When's the last time you've ever seen a skunk scoring off the rails. I'm just asking you when when's the last time you've seen as like maybe camping. I smell them. But i haven't seen a skunk since i was a little kid. I saw a damn skunk. And i win yes. The skunk ran city skunk you hogan's not like a rural everyone seems to be the skunk ran from lake kind of the water area to like the landscaping of my building. And i was like you go skunk. I was so excited for it. Oh my god look at our leaves manhattan his skunk. She sent me pictures of geese. Sky so pretty knows birding but have you seen a skunk in and why. I was so have nine while i'm in a good mood glamorous thank you. It was a glamorous looking animal that stripe who editorial editorial sculpted contour on that skunk gucci. Take a look at the skunk. And i wanted for next collection. Love it okay. What's going on for the show. You're too in the news. Update everybody what's going on in the beauty industry and then we're going to talk about face shaving it has come out of like i feel. I've been doing it for years but like it's come out of the closet. Everybody's talking about all these products to help you do it. Is there any downside. I'll tell you. I've expert tips. We got all that then. We're going to raise a wand and then that's it that's our show. Are you ready to do it. I'm ready i'm excited.

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