Romanov, Shea Theodore And Montreal discussed on Zach Gelb Show


Zone one The Canadians and Romanov fires one wide from the left point to fully keeps it alive high in the zone, But he's forced to center ice. So the haves now will's our job theater Roman offer treats into the Montreal zone. The penalties just 15 seconds apart. As at 5 20 of the period. It's a tripping minor on Shea Theodore. First time we played four on four tonight Game one of the Stanley Cup semi final and the Golden Knights lead Montreal to do nothing. We're in the second, Suzuki brings it in on the left side lost it in his feet and again, it's clear to center where Romanov will retreat for the Canadian To protect the puck through the neutral zone is to Foley races in and then is converged upon. Alex takes it away and Parise the other way. He hadn't slept off this trailing the play patrons who kept it alive. Carlson just couldn't get the shot away. Put trains across the top of the zone for white cloud goes inside the dot on the right side now turned back as he kept to the outside. Back White Cloud. Moves it down low Trying to stop it in on the short side

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