A highlight from Reflecting on 10 Years of Food Heaven + Juicy Q&A


Special episode. we have this week. We're celebrating our ten year food. Heaven anniversary which is insane time flies it really does. I'm like oh my gosh. Jay had perfect. I haven't seen just in. I don't even know how long and it's november twenty nineteen okay and there it is and it just so happened that we had to fly to la for shoot and so it's kind of perfect timing because able to see each other. We're able to afford this episode in person. We haven't done in a really long time. So yeah it's a special. One cheers unlike chairs the mics. But i won't yes grumbling. Yeah we're an airbnb. Yeah which is a. It's a nice. Let's not even talk airbnb. There's a lot of rules and regulations. Yes oh all right this week. We do a q a an answer questions. Have nothing to do with nutrition. So we're going answer some personal questions that you all submitted on the i g and should we just jump in. Well maybe we can before we get into it. I mean is there any reflections over the last ten years right. We don't wanna do that. We the question right. Yeah that's probably a good idea. The reflection the like what are your reflect any reflections. That's the question asked any. Reflect after this information it's been quite the ride. Lots of going with the flow. Lots of getting burned out and finding ways to get refreshed again very grateful you know for being able to do this work and make a living off of it and do it with a really good friend but yeah i mean that's just like such a loaded question and i wasn't really prepared to answer that so that's all i'm gonna say on that. I would have to really think on it. But i feel like that would be an episode in and of itself yeah Let me see if i have any reflections over the last. I can't believe it's been ten years. Because i it feels like yesterday. We had our launch party. Yeah i remember out beds. I remembered i still have. Marley gotta abc. I saw the apron in my closet. i get rid of everything but i'm like that's never going. Our friend made us. He's like customize aprons with our names on them so cute. It was so cute and we are shocked at our launch party. Ten years ago because we had a lot of people come. Yeah they felt like a couple of hundred people and we had nothing. We had didn't even have an episode. Yes had an idea. We're like hey y'all were out here. Were doing this thing. He pours so excited. And it's funny because you know the other day had that legs zoom thing with my friend. We were sharing old photos and they had shared photos from the launch party. Yeah it was really sweet. Yeah that's sweet and i. I had a lot of friends come from out of town. I think a lot of you will. I mean i'm just shocked and so it was funny though. We did that launch party. And i don't think we had one episode. Beat we maybe had it but if we didn't it wasn't launched like we showed like a clip. I think yeah we did it and then we had no plan like we didn't come out with anything for awhile after that is like okay now. We got actually do something. Yeah but yeah. I think it's crazy. What started as a creative outlet not even as the business has turned into a business. I was gonna think about. I would say successful. Yeah yeah successful business. And we're just you know keep it on keep it on and by the way if you have any ideas for us like please let us know of what feel like. We should be doing because we've had different ideas throughout the years. And i would love to hear what you guys think. We should do next but pardon me is also like okay with just doing over doing and not like i've two sides like one part is i do more do everything in what parts like. No you're good like just enjoy what you're doing and focus on that. Yeah yeah the. I'm always down for like new creative products. We've had some ideas one of which had to get paused with covid. But we'll see we're also getting some more support this year We have people coming on to work with us. Help us streamline things so hopefully you know exciting things will come out of that not because like oh my we gotta do more work we gotta do more but more so does like you know redirecting our energy in ways. That are a little more useful effective. You know all of that invigorating. Yeah le- yeah. I mean we're kinda burned out right now actually well. The problem is like we do everything so we do a lot. Everybody does a lot. We don't have kids. I get it but like we really do like i the private practice now. There's of today. Titians joined the practice and that a bunch of stuff on that. And we both have our realist. projects wendy's basically like a general contractor. We have food heaven. We'd have the podcast. We the recipe development blogging. And then we work with brands. We do a lot of guys may maybe come to it like we do a lot of speaking. At least it feels like once a week recently like events. I you know recordings like right. Now we're in lay doing a recording. Oh and then you have two jobs and we're doing actually the too much. What's your favorite way to cook eggs. Mine used to be scrambled all day until i met wendy and this girl is all about the fried egg. Okay like if we go out. And i order for her. I will never order her anything but a fried egg and if you do she'll be mad anyway. Now that i've tried fried eggs. I love them and what i noticed that makes your fried egg or you're egging general tastes better is the quality of the egg and i know it can be difficult to decide like okay. What do i need to look for. What type of egg. and so. that's by our podcast sponsor. This week pete and jerry's takes pride in taking the guesswork out of buying eggs with their best in class. Organic farming practices paired with the highest animal welfare standards. So what does that mean well. They're really focusing on two things. So what the hen eats and how. The hen lives all appealing. Jerry's hens are raised on a small family farm across the country. Never a factory. And the hens are allowed to roam around as they pleased on organic pastures forging the grass socializing in the fresh air and sunshine all the things which translates into an egg. That taste better. So i've noticed they are more rich more creamy. The yoke is deep golden color. Y'all have to give these exit tripe right now peden. Jerry's is giving away a free dozen eggs to the first twenty five listeners. Who go to pete. And jerry's dot com slash food heaven to claim your free dozen go to p. e. t. a. n. d. g. e. r. y. s. dot com slash food. Heaven if he can't make it to the website peter jerry's or any eggs or available nationwide at a fine grocer near you now onto the episode. So

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