A highlight from Infra-STUCK-ure (with Charlie Sykes)


Hey pull up a chair. Attacks on tap with david axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy added i think this is a reminder of how much we depend on these assets and reminder that it costs money to to look after these things but if you ever find yourself wondering can we afford a big investment in the future of infrastructure. Just remember what happens. If one of those critical assets is not available. Hey murphy hey mister gibbs we sound like a vaudeville act. Well you know i mean. I think we should take this show on the road Well cain the shuffle off to buffalo in what it used to be but i'm willing to Sharpen it up a little. So what's going on. I could see dozens of tickets moving for that You know. I think i should update you. That infrastructure week is is leaking a little bit into infrastructure months maybe infrastructure infrastructure year infrastructure decade Yes we are Before you know it will have the final final final meeting of infrastructure. That is one of the topics that we want to get into With our guest today murphy. We have an outstanding guest a hero a hero of the conservative cause winner of the murphy proclaimed burke award for being an all around good guy and a leader in the world. I'm talking about charlie sykes who joins us today. He is editor at large. Which i i like that title because implies you can kinda call in from nairobi or anything. I'm editing out. Here of the bulwark. I hear of wisconsin. Legend in wisconsin. Thoughtful talk radio and the author one of my favorite books. How the right lost its mind. You also hosts the bulwark podcast. Which we hardly recommend. Charlie welcome to on tap a good to be back. Well here we are here. We are three brave souls a crazy world. I guess we should start as robert did with a mention. I think today were recording. This on tuesday is are officially our third final meeting. You know the great washington kabuki slowly. I turn step by step. This is it this is the yesterday. Was it memorial day. Was it now. Today is it. Was senator shelley moore capito and let me do a hat tip by the way just as we get into the topic. What a great name for a senator. It hearkens back to like a good old school name. Thirty years ago she would have been a he and it would have been something like you know. Harlan big data capito from louisiana. So she is an effective legislator. And i think good faith. Negotiations with president biden are going on but looks like they aren't there yet. what do we think. And what do we think will happen. Or what are the politics of it. All i mean what's strange to me is we are in like the third overtime of these talks and if you read the news. It appears as if there's not an agreement on what the parameters of infrastructure are There's no real agreement on the level of spending and there's no agreement on the pay fors But other than that the talk show so i it reminds me of. I think the music has stopped. The song is stopped playing. And nobody's really sure Had a decoupled this and figure out if you decouple it it. Does that make you the loser i i. I do think it will be interesting to watch again. I'm less may be concerned about what happens in the meeting. And what said after the meeting Is she seemed a little pessimistic and reports last night that this was going to get done to the satisfaction of Of a bipartisan agreement. I guess i'm i'm puzzled about a number of things. Actually i'm perpetually puzzle but but one of them is that you know the infrastructure deals should have been the easiest deal but nothing is coming easy and You you you look at the things that are getting jammed up right now you know. Election reform infrastructure reform. There ought to be some sort of a bipartisan center. On all of this. But i think it's it's indication of our time that that nothing is happening and i have to say that i i'm i'm not sure. Look i mean mitch. Mcconnell has made it very clear he's going to continue to be an obstructionist but it would seem not impossible for the biden folks to have come up with a package that could have gotten them five seven republican votes But maybe maybe not This this this deal is obviously not gonna come up with with sixty votes and joe manchin continues to be the master of washington. Dc would he really kill an infrastructure bill. If it didn't have any bipartisan support. I don't know what you guys thing with. The actual would actually vote against it. Well i call me little murphy sunshine here. Because i'll be slightly more the slightly more outlaws. Hold on hold on here. Everyone listening take a deep breath. Murphy is going to be optimistic here. Go ahead well. I i like to imagine what ought to be and try to work toward it. I think biden is more incentivized to do a trillion dollar deal. The republicans are at about nine hundred. Seventy five billion right now or as washington would call it spare change but historically that is the biggest infrastructure deal ever. And if i'm biden i'm thinking just politically here. I would rather get that trillion dollar deal and cut some ribbons. Because i look forward see morass. I can't count on mansion unless says rahm emanuel hinted in last time We we had a mind that maybe he's got a mansion commitment on some of the big social spending by reconciliation stuff in his back pocket.

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