Dear Prudence, I Miss My Wife’s Face


The subject is. I miss my wife's face my wife and i have been married for nearly twenty five years and we're both in our late forties in the last few years many of her friends who started getting plastic surgery or talks and face villers. I was a bit surprised when my wife expressed interest but felt. It's her face in her. Perogative occasional botox injections which in my opinion look great have now graduated to regular fillers. I hate it. My wife doesn't look. She looks like she's had work done. She's thrilled with how she looks in any gentle comment. I've made is met with the accusation that i'm focusing on her appearance and not supporting her freedom to make choices. Basically that i'm anti-feminist. I loved her face when it moved. I don't wanna kiss her inflated lips this is killed our sex life but the other day fourteen year old daughter made a comment about wondering when her mother would start expecting her to get botox. I'm fed up and don't know how to talk to my wife about this. Yes i support her right to make her own decisions. But i feel like i also have the right to not like it. I don't want my daughter to think about doing this. As part of her freedom of choice please help.

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