How To Improve Your Running Posture Through Small Daily Changes


Posture doesn't happen in a vacuum as negative. And all the rest of us know like if you have bad posture while you're running chance i mean this is not an indictment of megan and it's all of us right. We sit over the keyboard. We sit over the steering wheel. We sit over. Lunch is look at our over the microphone. While you're over the microphone. Exactly yeah i mean. It's just constantly in this common hunched position as a result. You know it's not like you're going to be able to just like oh. I'm going to go right now and now. I'm going to work really hard on my posture right. That's like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Like that's going to be hard. So i would say yes absolutely work on your posture but do it all day. Long which again feels like a mandate which is kind of sucky a couple of things that are easy to do you know getting up and walking around and when you get up from your desk and walk around or from along time sitting you know. Roll your shoulders back. Stand up straight. Walk looking forward not down One of the things that i find really. But i've been told to do it more times than i care to. Count is holding your phone up to your face set of tipping your neck phone okay. Yeah so that. That's hard. I mean it's it's definitely it's a little geeky and it's it's a little hard to do but again that's one thing again like maybe one small change. Try that every once in a while instead of constantly bending down then other things that we'll talk about some tips on the road for a second but other things that really helped me with posture taking a pilates class. Pilates class is so key for helping you like always find a space in my spine is kind of what i think about when i think about posture is really like trying to maximize the height of my vertebrae in my spine and so after every pilates class had always feel taller and it could be a mat pilates class. You don't have to go and spend thirty dollars on a reformer class. You can go matt free map lot class off of youtube and see how that goes feldon crisis another one Feldon crisis a method that is the movements are super super small kind of feeling restless. Felt crisis not the exercise for you because literally like you lie on the ground. You're like your shoulder backing inch for this back and forth probably ten times and then you kind of evaluate how you feel but again. That's the class. That usually the ones that i've taken are close to forty five fifty minutes. You leave and you're like oh my gosh what just happened. I am totally

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