Performance Marketing In The Influencer World with Shane Austrie

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Talking about performance marketing when you're actually trying to drive clicks direct response results in today's disaggregated influencers and creator focused world traditionally influence market. And i've been doing it. Ever since. Two thousand fifteen but as it became more pauperize after twenty eighteen basically we have seen be integrated a lot more into experts companies instead of just guerrilla marketing by smaller companies. You'll see enterprise companies actually put this into their one year plan however they put it underneath. The brand awareness budget is not underneath the performance marketing budget. Best the issue because freeness influence the marketing. It's more possible realize and if you look back at the beginning of the internet. We did the same exact thing where we had platform. He had opportunities to advertise at us. Irs and just charge on. We'll think of as a brand where does not charge me on a cost per view and not care about our why but as we know yes. Brand awareness is important for ltv along ltv. However with his marketing we do need to see return before. Marketing is a whole budget by itself within most enterprises so now that it was marketed is now mainstream. The question is hey wiser. William brand wears why can be performance market. And that's something that's actually being worked on by my team and i and we're constantly working see. Hey what brands and what. Creators can net so the caramel synergetic leadership to me. It's an ad tracking issue. That's the problem here. We say influence marketing. It's a awareness driving campaign because they're on instagram and they post a photo of whatever product we have and we can't track whether that person comes into maybe there's a promo code or vanity. You are album. You're only capturing a small percentage of the people that are actually exposed the ad that come to your website and then redeem that code. So it's really hard to track so it must be just good for awareness. It's not driving direct response results if we can't track it

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