Beware Of Media Stunts


You're in this business long enough. You become hip, too. It's not just that they lie. Of course, it's something new. Like 10 Media lies We know that They have little stunts for trying to correct their lives later. It's just amazing. Because what happens over time their lives get exposed like now, everybody's figuring out that the Corona virus may have leaked out of the lab and all the media people are panicking right now thinking, what do I do? My stuff is archived. I'm PhD scientists, Joey bag, a donuts. Whatever it may be. I wrote a piece saying, Dan Bongino is a lying before in for saying this could have come from a lamp. That peace is still out there. Now I look like a line buffoon. What do I do? So a lot of these people in me to just go back into a stealth at it? You know, Stell fetish. You know what that is? Stealth at it is when you go back and edit your piece from the past, but you don't upended at the bottom with a correction. You just added it. Like none of it ever happened like they allowed Stacey Abrams to edit theropod about boycotts. And George Remember that one? Yeah, we talked about that on my podcast few weeks ago that was fascinating.

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