How Memorial Day Weekend Travel in U.S. May Be Different


This holiday weekend. To forces are colliding. The human desire to out travel and enjoy the kick off to summer and mother nature. Took a look at this beach from last memorial day weekend. Empty closed due to covert concerns today. Beaches across the country are reopening but many sit empty as a nasty storm system brings record coal to the east coast but americans are on the move setting a new record when it comes to air travel. We have two reports tonight and we begin with blaine alexander tonight. The nation's busiest airport once again starting to look like it. If i'm really excited it's like quite again. Atlanta's hartsfield jackson is expected to welcome one point five million passengers this weekend. What does the last time that we've seen the airport this busy christmas twenty nineteen when we saw this many people here. It's just a fraction of the full holiday rush. Thirty seven million travelers expected on the roads and the runways half. I feel good friday. Tsa processed more than one point nine million passengers a new pandemic record the agency. Now beefing up to meet the demand in this year. We've already hired over thirty one hundred officers between now and the fourth of july we expect to bring on another thousand more but in some places the weather is not ruled. Welcome to summer. Parts of texas drenched by heavy rain and storms blowing through a small airport near waco. Leaving planes tossed like toys in ohio flooded lake erie spilled into nearby neighborhoods and high waves. Close part of chicago's lakefront trail in the northeast. Parts of new york drenched and dealing with near record lows temperatures dipping into the forties of it part of a vicious weather system sweeping through the midwest and into the northeast from now through monday

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