Camp Hell: Anneewakee, A Breeding Ground for Child Abuse


By the mid nineteen seventies and awake. He had established itself as a successful program. Troubled youth in georgia the center had secured its medical license which allowed the collection of third party payments from insurance companies and was now having patients referred there from the court system as well as other learning centers lewis petr supposedly restricted for making contact with any patients was still keeping his office on campus grounds. Any oversight at the time had slip through the cracks of state government and the roman patients at was growing exponentially. Carl moore was one of these patients. He was admitted in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy seven. After seeing the result of his brothers reform their carl's family had a particular connection to enter wakey. his mother was involved in number of schools in atlanta. That would often refer children to the program in douglasville anyway keys. Reputation had put the program at the top of the list for educators to send children who were beyond the scope of their help. Here's chris mcknight a former patient who was referred to an wakey from the new school. A program headed by carl's mother tweety more. My father pulled me out of the school. I was going to editor mea the tweety more school the new school i was there for a couple months and at the new school. I met a couple people that i was at anna wakey with that were at her school. Post and wakey so as it turns out tweety more recommended analytic. It's not just me but to a lot of other kids. My feelings with tweety is. I don't think she knew about the abuse. Sedano achey i've known tweety. Since i was a little kid i mean she's she's passing our soul a number of former patients. I've interviewed said they were referred to in a wakey from other schools in similar ways where did spread throughout learning centers in georgia and neighboring states. That anna wakey was a solution for troubled kids who didn't have a place elsewhere. Now that anna wakey was officially licensed medical hospital. It was also receiving patients who were wards of the state of georgia and other neighboring states like alabama. This all amounted to a large increase in the number of patients. Enrolling anna wakey was running out of room.

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