Los Angeles Lakers Show Little Fight in Game 5 Without Anthony Davis


So many places to go with this night in the NBA playoffs. And only one man can lead us in the right direction. He's a man that played in the NBA for 10 years. That's a great jobs. An MBA analyst. He is the Ryan house over get to check out his podcast. The opinionated seven footers he is here. Thanks to the good your hotline. Freddie Fitzsimmons. Ryan. I'm going to start the Lakers know Anthony Davis tonight They had no soul. They had no passion right now. The trailing the sons, one of 1981 in Game five, about to go down 3 to 2. And that game is not even that close was the likelihood that Anthony Davis does not play even does playing Game six that that could be the last game we see from the Lakers this year. Is really looking like it because you got to give Phoenix some credit. They put their pedal to the metal and and myself along with Kendrick Perkins had to eat some humble pie man with LeBron James is gonna put his cape on and, you know, feeling just wasn't having any of it. But You know the real glimmer of hope? I don't know if Chris Paul comes out and plays in the next game. It would be smart. I think he'd get really risked it all. What was that in Game four coming out and playing and led his team to victory tally in 18 points, but hey, may have to sit this one from the sidelines. And we're watching the war of the wounded so far, So you know what? I'm going to say The Lakers win this next game. Anthony Davis has to place the Don elimination game. I don't care how you call your fields. You gotta get out there and play. You could walk. You can job you can play figure it out at the end of the day, But the Lakers have their back against the wall. Also have the broad James down 32 in the series in Boston in the Eastern Conference playoffs with a chance to go to the NBA files, and he showed improved. So the last thing I'm going to do and I want everybody listening home. Do not do is count out LBJ, but he's gonna have to have help. And right now, Frank Vogel is looking. Is it gonna be mon trance? Carol, who plays a minute Is it gonna be harden Tucker that comes out and plays minutes, So he just he just finding guys because the Lakers have a bunch of good players, But right now, you don't have enough to come out and and and get the job done when called upon without Anthony Davis.

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